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Barcalona B

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Weve got some good B team players and i would like to see this forum with an official Barca B thread. Barca have qualified for the group stage after the league so i thought we could all keep up to date with the happenings if the B team.

Today barca b played zaragoza b coincidently a day before both the A teams played. However With the league standing as barca b first one point ahead of zaragoza b this match would be a major factor in the placement of first and second.

Barcelona B 4-1 Zaragoza B
Great performance from Barca with star performances by Iniesta, Babangida and trashorras.
These three were amazing with babangida scoring two, trashorras scoring one and iniesta controlling the middle of the park.

Well this puts us 4 points ahead with 4 games left (i think)
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Can anyone post the schedule of the games for Barça B?
Thanks MxPx, you beat me to it. If you don't want to click on the link here is the full list for Barça B group:

1a. Jornada (26-05-02):

Mérida - Compostela

Valencia - Barcelona

- 2a. Jornada (02-06-02):

Compostela - Valencia

Barcelona - Mérida

- 3a. Jornada (09-06-02):

Mérida - Barcelona

Valencia - Compostela

- 4a. Jornada (16-06-02):

Compostela - Mérida

Barcelona - Valencia

- 5a. Jornada (23-06-02):

Mérida - Valencia

Compostela - Barcelona

- 6a. Jornada (30-06-02):

Valencia - Mérida

Barcelona - Compostela

The first game is on Sunday away to Valencia B.
Let's see how good these Barça B players are....
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Don't know about televised games. According to "El periodico", Babangida, Fernado Navarro (the left back), and Motta will be the players that are going to be pormoted next year to the first team. I hope that Iniesta has a slice of the action too.
He just turned 18. Well he is young, but "stars" are precocious, and Iniesta is said to be the real deal of Spanish football.
"i think the problem maybe is his strength because he is weak "

Well, let's send Saviola to the C team:D . Just a joke
Perhaps to raise money and because that Xavi and Iniesta are/will be better than Arteta.
First Round. Playoffs to Segunda Division

Merida 1- Compostela 0
Valencia B 2- Barcelona B 2

According to my friend, we should have won this game easily as we missed lots of chances. Nano scored one of the goals. Valencia had two penalties , one of them stopped by Victor Valdes, and the other produced the equalizer in the last minute of the second half :(
Babangida scored the other goal. Iniesta was superb in midfield My frind tells me that he wouldn't be surprised if he gets a regular place in the first team very soon.
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