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Barcalona B

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Weve got some good B team players and i would like to see this forum with an official Barca B thread. Barca have qualified for the group stage after the league so i thought we could all keep up to date with the happenings if the B team.

Today barca b played zaragoza b coincidently a day before both the A teams played. However With the league standing as barca b first one point ahead of zaragoza b this match would be a major factor in the placement of first and second.

Barcelona B 4-1 Zaragoza B
Great performance from Barca with star performances by Iniesta, Babangida and trashorras.
These three were amazing with babangida scoring two, trashorras scoring one and iniesta controlling the middle of the park.

Well this puts us 4 points ahead with 4 games left (i think)
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finally this board is starting to pick up.

anyways tomarrow van gaal is discussing whos going and coming and whos getting promoted from the b side.

are any of the games being televised?
like on teledeporte or something
well at 18 i say we should promote him. sure hes young but if someone like casillas can handle a champions league final that age so can iniesta. no doubt van gaal knows his talent and if the great guardiola admits hes gonna be better than him its obvious hes something.

i think the problem maybe is his strength because he is weak but as his technique and skill improves this wont be a problem.
iniesta and victor valdes trained with the first team.

they say that they want to concentrate on the promotion and iniesta is playing today for the u-19 against macedonia i think.

well in the promotion atleast we know these two will be up for it and try to secure a promotion.
Valencia B 2-2 Barcelona B

barca fully deserved the win but a poor refereeing decision at the end cost barca the win.

in the other game merida one 1-0 at home against compostela. next game barca have merida at home so they really would need a win there so murcia dont get an early advantage.
barca b lost today at home against valencia b. we werent a shadow of the team that played valencia at the mestalla and we missed a late penalty to get a point.

compostela won which means we need to win both our games against them which is our remaining two fixtures.

iniesta limped off which was a worry. if anybody has any info on the injury and how serious its going to be could you please put it here.
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