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Barcalona B

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Weve got some good B team players and i would like to see this forum with an official Barca B thread. Barca have qualified for the group stage after the league so i thought we could all keep up to date with the happenings if the B team.

Today barca b played zaragoza b coincidently a day before both the A teams played. However With the league standing as barca b first one point ahead of zaragoza b this match would be a major factor in the placement of first and second.

Barcelona B 4-1 Zaragoza B
Great performance from Barca with star performances by Iniesta, Babangida and trashorras.
These three were amazing with babangida scoring two, trashorras scoring one and iniesta controlling the middle of the park.

Well this puts us 4 points ahead with 4 games left (i think)
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u are right...and i expect that many of barca b will come to barca next season...
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