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Okay so ive got an idea. Should be fun. Check out the scenario.

We dont qualify for the CL this year. But the manager has got good brains and he brings in enough talent for us to win the League in 2004/05. So hence now we get into the CL. Fast forward to May 2006 and FC Barcelona wins the Champions League.

Now put yourself in the manager's seat. If you were handed 25 million Euros at the end of each of the two seasons how and on whom would you spend them. You can also mention how you would get rid of some players and earn extra cash by that. But please keep the prices realistic and you have to mention reasonable teams to which the players were sold to. Not like Dani being bought by Milan :eek: .

Remember the first summer's campaign is going to be very difficult as we havent qualified for the CL yet again so we might be turned down by some big names. Even then if we manage to bring in a big name please remember to add the reason why they would leave their team and join us.

You can also give your team formations and lineups showing how you would play your stars, if you think its necessary. The points to keep in mind for replying are :-

1. Realistic prices at which the players are bought.
2. Realistic prices at which the players are sold.
3. Realistic teams to which the players could be sold to.
4. We only have 25 millions Euros in each of the two end of seasons.
5. We dont qualify for the next edition of the CL ie 2004-05.
6. Reason why one of the big players might join us and leave his former club even when we arent in the CL.

So lets begin. THE CHOICE IS YOURS ! :)

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Reiziger 2 million
Gerard 6 million
Cocu,Luis Enrique Free
Rustu 5 Million
Overmars : 4 Million
Quaresma 6 million
That's 48 million to spend for next season in total so:

Daniel Alves 6 million - He's at Sevilla

Tot = 6
Next Seasons Team

----------------------- Victor Valdes --------------------------
Daniel ------------- Puyol -------- Marquez -----Fernando



42 Million Left Over
67 Million To Spend
Davids Free
Kluivert 8 mill
75 million Left
Chivu 20 million
Maxwell 15 million

-----------------------------Victor Valdes-------------------------
----------------------Saviola---Sergio Garcia-------------------

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Should nt you guys be studying
for exams? :D

Too much free time in your hands

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sell every player exept oen products and put them on the bench

The Ties That Bind
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Come on, don't tempt me. I love this sorta stuff. All amounts in euros.

Summer 04:

Rustu-1.5 million
Overmars-5 million
Van Bronckhorst-Free (Loan return)

Luis Garcia-4 million
Rijkaard- -1.5 million

Davids-Free (Bosman)
Riquelme (Loan return)
Reina-3 million (Option to buy back)
Reyes-25.5 million (wants Continental competition)
Del Horno-1.5 million (fee determined by tribunal)
Cocu (resigns a one year deal)
Koeman-1.5 million (4 year deal)
Stam-2.5 million

That's the 25 million plus all the profit from sales. Reiziger won't fetch anything, and Rustu would fetch little. For some reason we get nothing when we sell our players. Overmars goes to England and Van Bronckhorst goes back to Arsenal. Oleguer gets picked up by a Spanish minnow and Luis Garcia makes way for Reyes as he too moves to another La Liga side. Rijkaard leaves as the fans call for his head. He is however paid out by the club as his contract hadn't expired, but it's less than what the contract called for as he agreed to a new payout. He says he'd love to return to the club again one day despite the problems of the previous season. Davids loves his stay with the club despite missing out on a CL place. That coupled with the fact that no one is willing to pay him anything more than us, he signs a two year deal with an option for a third season. Our option on Pepe Reina is taken and he leaves Villareal for the pre-determined fee of 3 million euros, excited to return to his beloved Barca (he will provide competition for Valdes). JA Reyes tearfully accepts the opportunity to join Barcelona as Sevilla can't resist the 30 million euro bid from Barca. Del Horno bitterly leaves Bilbao as they can't agree personal terms as his contract expires, though Bilbao are compensated due to regulations. Jaap Stam joins Barca as Lazio are looking to cash in on him before they lose him for free, Roberto Mancini leaves the club while his manager focuses on younger talent and they fail yet again to gain CL football. They agree to nearly half of what they could have gained by selling him on to either Juventus, Inter or Milan but state that they don't want to sell him to a rival club. Ronald Koeman makes his long anticipated return to Barcelona as the new manager. Ajax are however compensated 1.5 million euros, an amicable fee as Koeman was such a good servant to the club. So here's the lineup for 04/05:


Puyol-------------------Stam------------------Del Horno




We finish 3rd in the league, but are knocked out of the Copa and Uefa Cup early on. Mid-season Saviola finally gets off his @$$ and gets a passport, as does Marquez whose wife is Spanish. Other than the starting XI, Valdes, Iniesta, Sergio, Gerard, Motta, Xavi, Marquez and Cocu all get plenty of playing time in supporting roles. Koeman bemoans his defensive depth and argues that his is happy with the season considering the lack of quality depth at the club. He also argues that his defensively frail formation will improve as he has a defensive target or two lined up for the summer and that he only chose the best players available to him. He also bemoans the sides lack of finishing despite their creativity and says that he will also address this need in the summer.

Summer 05:

Kluivert-2 million

Chivu-10 million
Adriano-15 million

Cocu tearfully leaves Barcelona to join his old club PSV for one final hoorah. Enrique tearfully retires from play, but is kept on to help with coaching the youth squads as he works to earn his coaching license. Chivu leaves Roma as they continue to sell off players in order to cover their debts. He prefers Spain to England and thus chooses Barca over Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, however he reveals that the chance to play for Ronald Koeman again and emulate him at Barca is the real reason he moves to the Nou Camp. In perhaps the most talked about transfer of the summer, Adriano joins Barcelona in a stunning deal that when it's all said and done will cost Barcelona 40 million euros. The first installment is 15 million euros followed by another 15 million euros in a year and the final 10 million euros in 2 years. The player was unhappy at the situation at Inter and the style of play. He said he wished to play in Spain and that Barcelona was his preferred club. Then, the footballing world is stunned as Bosman free former Liverpool star Michael Owen pens a 5 year deal with Barcelona. Owen frustrated at Liverpool's lack of Champion's League football and the continued stagnation at the club decides to move on. He rejects Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United as he says Liverpool are the only club he'll ever play for in England. He also rejects Inter and Milan as he prefers the style of La Liga to Serie A. He reveals that the success of David Beckham abroad and the positive effects it's had on his game are a big factor in his decision to move abroad and that he feels Barcelona matches his ambition. His contract isn't as lucrative as that offered by Roman Abramovich's Chelsea, but Joan Laporta has given him a very incentive laiden deal as well as a signing bonus of 2 million euros (the money from Kluivert's sale to Arsenal). Then, in another astonishing development, former Roma star Emerson joins Barca on a Bosman. Roma couldn't afford his wage demands and while other clubs showed interest, Emerson said he was swayed by how massive and historic Barca were. The heir apparent to Davids (who will leave for free and return to Ajax in the Summer), Emerson realizes that he'll have to fight for his place in the side but the he relished the chance to play with compatriots Ronaldinho and Adriano. He also said he's already aware of Chivu's quality and that he rates Puyol as the best defender in the world. Barca are now considered joint favorites for the Liga and are expected to challenge in the Champion's League. So the lineup for 05/06 is:


Puyol---------Stam-----------Chivu---------Del Horno




Barca with the league by only 3 points as second place Real Madrid still lack a solid central defense. Crack signings Joaquin in the Summer of 04 and Totti in the Summer of 05 were more than suitable replacements for departed Galacticos Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane, but sacked manager Carlos Queiroz fires a parting blast at Valdano's interference and refusal to let him buy a defender. Koeman praises his side and says that the depth of the club and the solid defensive unit of Barca proved to be critical in sustaining the long season. Barca were Champion's League quarterfinalists and Copa Del Rey Semifinalist's, however the Liga was always the focus claims Koeman. Adriano nets 25 Liga goals and 31 in all competitions while Owen adds 18 Liga goals and 25 in all competitions. Koeman praises his strike force and says that clinical finishing is what made the difference this season.

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At the end of the season ::
Overmars :: 5m to Middlesborough
Kluivert :: 3m To Arsenal

Vieri :: 10 m
Mexes :: 5 m
Del Horno :: 2m
Riquelme :: Back from Loan
Saviola becomes eu .. :)
Chivu :: 15m ( Roma collapses financially :d )

The team that wins La Liga is
Puyol --- Mexes ---- Chivu --- Del Horno

Next summer ::
JRR :: 15 m to Juve
Vieri :: 5 m to Spurs
Gerard :: 4m to Villareal
Marquez :: 5m to Athletico
Reizeger :: 1m to Man City
Lusi Garcia :: 4m

Buy ::
Henry :: 45 m
VDV :: 14m

The team that wins CL is
Puyol --- Mexes ---- Chivu --- Del Horno

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Stam won't come for sure. After his contract at Lazio expires he will return to Holland no matter what. Too bad actually, because he could be great for Barça right now.

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Ok ill have a go

End of 2004

Reizeger - 1 million to Man City
Cocu (released)
Rustu - 2 million back to Fenerbache
Gerard - 3 million to Betis
Dani (released)
Enke (released)
Overmars - 4 million to Liverpool
Bronkhorst (loan return)
Riquelme (second year at Villareal)
Luis Enrique

Davids - 1 year contract
Daniel - 2 million before Sevilla purchase him as his team is second division in Brazil
Van der Vaart - 18 million

With the sales we would still have 14 million. With this we would buy Adriano half from Inter and keep him at Parma.






Davids - free
Kluivert - 3 million
Riquelme - swap for Battaglia

Adriano- 3 million. hell be 21 by this time and a Daniel for the left meaning the two brazilians will give all the width we need. Also has EU nationalship
Battaglia- swap with riquelme. after settling into the pace of the spanish league with Villareal and getting EU nationalship we can swap him with Riquelme.
Adriano- purchase the half from Parma and bring him in.
Messi- He would be 19 and ready to be brought into the first team at this time for the bench.

Saviola, Marquez, Daniel, Ronaldinho can all be EU national at this point







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Maz whos the Adriano placed as your left back ? never heard of him....plus Inter offered in excess of 20 million for Adriano..think it will come to around 25 million if we seriously attack Inter with out own bid for him

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husain_14 said:
Maz whos the Adriano placed as your left back ? never heard of him....plus Inter offered in excess of 20 million for Adriano..think it will come to around 25 million if we seriously attack Inter with out own bid for him
Adriano, hes the Coritiba leftback whos 18 (or just turned 19). hes very good attacking like Daniel and good defensively especially his positioning. I know the scouts were interested in him in the summer as he was the u-23 leftback for brasil. i think hes very good personally. Also hes got italian nationalship so he counts as EU.

Have Inter really offered for him? If they have that much I say forget him and add Henry in my lineup:D
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