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Barça has the most homegrownplayers...

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Homegrown talent gets its chance at Barça..
read it: http://www.fcbarcelona.com/news/feature.sps?id=2013424&languageid=9
Of all the top-teams in the Champions' League, Barça has the most homegrown players.
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Although the original report does come from an Italian newspaper, the problem is that anything that is written on FCB's official site seems to smack of propaganda in favour of Nuñez, Gaspart, Mussons and company, who seem to be gradually taking Barça down the road to ruin. How will they justify this year's failiures? Or will they do what they did last time and hold elections while everyone's on the beach in August?
There's something I don't get...
Nunez isn't the most popular man, but still he gets elected... WHY????
It seems to be the case that Nunez has a lot of 'friends'/cronies. All the directors were promoted by him and are indebted to him. The next election is 2002, I think, and Nunez will probably go for re-election again. If Nunez does lose the next election he will still have time to progress his megalomaniac Barca 2000 plan - which involves bulldozing the neigbourhood around el Camp Nou. I wonder if Nunez's own contruction company will benefit from his plans?

By the way does anyone know what is the story with Cruyff's plan to take over, and what the activities of l'elefant blau are?
Elefant Blau asked Cruijff to become their candidate for the presidency in 2002. I think Cruijff wants to become president, just to irritate Nunez. He has a great chance, because Cruijff is way more populair than Nunez.
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