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Ban all english teams !!!!

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I was never a fan of british football and i probably never will be. one of the main reasons: there disgusting fans. i'm the first to admit these turkish-supporters aren't sweethearths either but on other occassions there were never the trouble that are the case now.

from the heizel-drama over the leeds-story and now the riots in copenhagen. everywhere these vandals ('cause lets face those b**rds don't give a s***t about fooytball trhey only want to fight and destroy) go there is fighting.

today there is the UEFA-cup final with 2 attractive teams. this should have been something to enjoy. it turns out to be another disgrace to football.

england has succeeded in controling their philistines as long as it's about premier league soccer. as soon as they can come to the continent it explodes again.

as i'm living in belgium i know we will be a country under siege on the euro2000. since the draw authorties can't talk about anything but this game against germany. if only it were to interesting teams, then it would be worth it (or maybe a bit).

therefore i say just ban all english teams also the national team. we don't need this barbaric beheaviour from nobody. definitely not from because some overrated teams with their . they have had their chances and blew them all.

Always trying to be modest. And damn proud of it!
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I've already posted a reply to the same post in the UEFA CUP forum, and I suspect that this is only in here to provoke the English fans.
English fans is not the correct word i think, it is supposed to be english hooligans...
% 95 of English fans are nice.But other five percent are trouble makers.They drink too much and they don't know what they do.They attack everyone in front of them.
Turks did not except this behaviour and they responded.( a bit hard we have to admit)
But this the first time in so many years Somepeople said "STOP" to English hooligans in Europe...
I love british people .They are nice and very civilized But, I hate hooligans.That fat *******s with bold heads , they think they are too tough but they don't know even how to fight (as i see on tV).And i am an ex-kickboxer i just lough them.

I hope these were the last incidents about football.
British government has to prevent these people from these trips.
Whay wasn't this deleted???
should it have been deleted?

it's just something that everybody can see every time an english team plays a european game. you can disagree with my solution, but why not discuss it?

Always trying to be modest. And damn proud of it!
I don't mind the topic, maybe not deleted but moved. The thing is that it is likely to result in arguments. The problem I have is that you generalise by calling the hooligans 'fans'. It is anti-English in an English forum and therefore I think that it is in the wrong forum.
ok i shouldn't have mixed up fans with hooligans indeed. the fact that in england games are played without gates in front of the seats, i think it's amazing. i know in belgium and other coutries this would result in massive fighting on the pitch.

therefore definitely not all english fans are hooligans! but the fact remains that every time an english club comes to th continent, there are english hooligans who only come to fight and destroy.

all prevention has failed. for the euro2000 reports say the amount and violance of the english hooligans will be bigger than ever.

therefore i say ban all english clubs. footbal has to be one big party not a disgrace as it was in copenhagen, marseille or the heizel. this party has to take place without massive police force controling the thing (as it will be on euro2000). english clubs have proven over the year that they can't control a part of their "fans". i say fine but we don't need them.
Remember :

To have a fight it takes two to tango.
In the case of Leeds and Galatasary, the turks picked the fight, and caused the whiplash in Copenhagen, with the MURDER of two football fans. Please do NOT tell us that we are the culprits here.

Please do not patronise us by saying we are one of the only countries to have trouble makers in the crowd. EVERY Country in the world has them (remember Escabar ???, don't tell me .... Scotland fans have never fought over football - Rangers V Celtic
Italian fans have never fought over football - Fiorentina V Juve
There is never any trouble around Mexico and South America over football ??? And they hosted the WC in 86. Italy Hosted it in 90.
The only way to avoid any trouble at matches is to locate trouble makers and potential idiots and ban them from the game. Every country has problems not just the English. It's just a pity that the sick people who go
to games to cause trouble spoil the game for the majority of people who just want to enjoy watching football.

Any thoughts?
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I didn't mean to imply absolute responsibility to the turks. i.e. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. I just wanted to make it clear that trouble occurs everywhere not just in England.

I was at a Liverpool Arsenal match not too long ago. I was stood in middle of the North Bank. However, I didn't receive any trouble from the Arsenal supporters because I didn't incite any. If you go looking for trouble then 10 times out of 10 you will find it. The minority in every country goes looking for it. I would just ban the idiots from coming with in 10 miles of the ground on match days or have their foreheads tattooed with the slogan
"I am a violent Narrowminded f**k-wit"

Then we would be able to single the trouble makers out easily and we would be able to keep away from them.
Just another point or two. I don't want to risk sounding like I'm preaching here, but I think that as someone rightly said, perhaps the countries need to take more responsibility for their "fans" violence abroad. For example, how often do we hear that the "police were too heavy handed"?? But no talk of the reason why they have to be heavy handed. Clearly if people weren't going around beating the sh*t out of others, there would not be a need for riot police etc.
A specific example of absolutely wrongful blame is the ill-fated international in Dublin in '95 between Ireland and England. After some English hooligans ripped up a portion of Lansdowne Road and stopped the game, the Irish police were blamed for not being heavy handed enough (youcan't win on this one!) and for basically letting it happen. So it's ok to start some violence because it's really the cops fault for not stopping it??? Even the usually sane Alan Hanson expounded on this view on that night. This kind of "it's anyones fault but ours" mentality is not going to help eradicate hooliganism.
Yes, I realise that not only the English fans get involved in violence, but is that an excuse that makes it ok?? Why not follow the example of the Irish, Scottish, Welsh or the English rugby fans and not get involved? All these countries fans will go to matches, get as boozed up as the football hooligans, have a laugh and cause no trouble.
And if you're provoked, is it necessary to get involved? That day in Lansdowne in '95, the Irish fans simply walked away and refused to be provoked.
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Ok, this is my final point until someone else responds (honest!)

People going around with their heads up their backsides isn't going to resolve any problems. If there are any problems in another countries, the mentality that "well, at least we aren't as bad as the English" is neither going to resolve any problems on the English shores, or indeed any foreign shores.
Maybe you'd like to have the Dutch, Germans fans and teams banned also. There is potiental for violence among those group of fans. So lets ban them. Especially after the German hooligan hitting a French cop in the head and W/C 2000. The Swedes have a small group of real sweathearts that follow the national team, lets ban then also. While were at it lets not forget the turks, those fans aren't innocent and while we're at banning teams, lets also ban the French and the Italians, they don't like each other, and we wouldn't want them fighting with each other in your country, lets also keep Spain and Portugal out, Their fans may hook up, violence may occur. And finally we'll ban Yugoslavia, since the NATO hq is in Brussells, we wouldn't want anything to happen. That leaves Euro 2000 with Belgium, Norway, Czech, Denmark, Romania and Solvenia. Just think Belgium could make it to the semi's with just those teams participating. Boy isn't this post ridculous, Just like your post is ridculous. I don't recall any major violence in Euro 96. If your county can't handle the heat of hosting a major tournment, why in the H*** did they put in their bid. It's called Euro 2000, not the gOD/Belgian invitaional. Like the old say goes, If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!!!!!!
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By the way RAZOR UK
Did you catch the Los Angeles Dodger baseball player going into the stands in Chicago after a fan whole reached out onto the field punched him in the back of the head and stole his baseball cap. What a Frickin melee, fans grabing players, fans throwing beer all over the players going into the stands. What happens in Europe if the players leave the pitch to go into the stands after fans that are provoking them? I don't remember exactly what happend to Cantona when he karate kicked the Palace Fan?
Just goes to show you that Fan violence is not exclusively an English problem.
that's the whole point. there should be a heat. what is the goal footbal or hooliganism? i never said england was the only country with 'potential' violance. i say england is the country of which alomost every time one of their clubs play some (english and others but alwys english and..) hooligans need to prove themselve. you can't deny that. there is already too much money gone to them no just stop it. maybe it's a good idea to make the counties respônsible for their fans.

Always trying to be modest. And damn proud of it!
I deny it completely, what about all the other games Leeds, Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea played this season? How come there was only violence with the Galatasary hooligans (again not fans, because 95 percent or more are not hooligans)?
So it's not every time an English side plays in Europe. What about last season when UTD won the CL, what about all the Violence that the germans started after the game? People conveniently forget other nations problems and focus on the English. Now I'm not blinkered to say that England has no problem, it does and it needs adressing. But when a post with the title of "Ban all English teams!" comes up it really pi**es me off.
Uefa should have taken the hard line when the initial incident happened, thus discouraging any more violence from the hooligans of every nation.

Shaq, Yep I saw that incident on TV here as well, what is ironic is that my wife and her family (all Americans) had just been telling me it doesn't happen in the USA. They've all since apologised and aknowledged even the US has problems with hooligans in some areas.

As for Cantona he was banned for (I think) about 6 months, also fined the maximum amount possible by his club, and ordered to do I think 100 hours of community service. Personally I think the punishment was deserved, and he took it no problem at all. He was provoked, but aknowledged that he was also at fault!
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Shaq, excellent post, and I'm going to pick up on your point about Euro96. At the time I was in England, and I attended several different games (not all including England). There was no violence in and around the Manchester area, and I don't recall any being reported elsewhere around the country. In my home town, I was watching the Excellent England Victory over Holland (4-1 in case any of you have forgotton! :) ) in a pub full of England fans. There were 5 Germans there who my friends and I sat with after the game, had a great conversation, drank together etc. There was also 2 Dutch people in there, and sure they were goaded, but it was all in good fun, and they took it that way as well.
Anyway, when England met Germany in the Semi's I was in the same pub, and the German contingent had doubled to about 10 compared to 125 or more English fans. There was not one sign of any trouble, the Germans sat singing their songs, and the English joined in.
My point is that there was no police presence in that pub, where people were drinking to excess, and there was no trouble at all.
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I saw that incident to but the one that I am looking out for is when good old John Rocker (the racist twat) goes to those tolerable nice New York Mets with their sane fans, :)

Also wasn't there an incident last year where a fan came on the pitch out of the bleachers and attacked a player.

Another point is that the Mets fans are nuts and they are constantly throwing things on to the pitch. If this happened in footie then there would be an outrage.

Finally the stigma that the average English fan has means that they are provoked a lot. Of course this is not all the time but does happen.
Just go the the LA coliseum to some international matchs or watch team USA and Canada's WC qualifiers for 2002, You'll see quite a bit of stuff thrown on the field. Luckly that's not the norm in EPL
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