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to the tune of Japanese Boy as sung by ANEKA

Ah went fur a chinese in Downtown Hong Kong
Ahm a wee chinese boay
Ah wis only lookin ah wis daein nae wrong
Ahm a wee chinese boay

Aw ma mates hid left me
Wis a right or wrong
Ahm an innocent boay
Then ah met this honey
She wis in a sarong
Ahm an innocent boay

She took me tae her mammys fur tea
Then she came and sat oan ma knee
Mr Vogts will you no-believe me
That ahm an innocent boay
We went fur a hurl oan a sampan
Her faither looked jist like Desperate Dan
she wis cooling me wae her big fan
But ahm an innocent boay
Yes ahm an innocent boay

When I found ma way back
Aw ma teamates were gone
Ah wis left in Hong Kong
SFA SECURITY wis searchin fur me
Everywhere in HONG KONG
When he finally found me he said
Mr Vogts wis bright crimson red
Davie Taylor peed in his bed
Cos ah goat loast in HONG KONG
Cos ah goat loast in HONG KONG

Noo am back in Scoatland
Tae a right auld ding-dong
Am a sad wee loast boay
Bertie Vogts will see me
An ahll sing him this song
Am a sorry wee boay
Aye am a sorry wee boay
Aye am a sorry wee boay
Am jist an innocent boay
Am jist a wee chinese boay
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