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Ballack with Bayern and The Mannschaft

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Michael Ballack will probably be voted German Player of the Year. He is really talented and has been a revelation to Leverkusen's title runs this season. But I am not sure that he will really fill Effenberg's role.

I have had a chance to see him play several times this year. He is no playmaking midfielder. In fact, what he reminds me more of is a defensive midfielder who scores many goals. The guy is just not a good passer. Basturk does most of the running while there is much passing support from the wings in Ze Roberto and Schneider, with Placente and Lucio coming up from the back a lot. Bayern will also afford him the same scenario next season as there will be plenty of help from Scholl, Brazzo, and Liza, etc.

But unfortunately, there will be no such luxury with the Mannschaft. With Scholl definitely out and Deisler a questionmark, there just are not enough creative players in support. Is this the guy that Germany is resting it's hopes on? I really hate to say it but it may be a disappointing time in Asia this summer.:(
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yeah...my feeling exaclty...i dont think he's a true playmaker...he makes decent ground passes and has this crazy knack of scoring.. :dazed: ..,'ve watched him only in the CL..,i cnat remember him ever producing a wonderful long ball...

and he definiltely doent have the charisma or steel that comes naturally ot effe..but yes with deisler and scholl..he'll fit well at bayern..very wel..
Well ,I see Ballack more a supporting midfielder with excellent scoring skills rather than a playmaker........although Ballack's ground pases are really great,but the only thing that he lacks is the long passing ability,hes not superb @ that....
On the other hand,his controling ability,headers,shooting ,etc..are very well.....and with Scholl @ Bayern with him he will have no problem for sure....
In the mannschaft, he cant play the role of the playmaker.....i think he needs help from Deisler or Scholl who are unavailable...but with schneider,Hamann,Ramelow....i think the whole midfield will do well as a whole.....I wonder if Frings could help as well.....The team will have a midfield engine without a true playmaker,they should play as a whole and not focus on one player for playmaking.
In theory, that would be great. In reality, it is another matter. I really see a big problem this summer. Unless Andy Moller comes in to help, it will be a difficult time in Korea/Japan. There just aren't any other creative midfielders available in Germany that could fill the bill.
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