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Baggio for Reggina? ««
Reggina are the latest club to express an interest in signing veteran Italian striker Roberto Baggio.
Baggio is a great champion and no doubt Italy's most famous player abroad and yet he's having enormous difficukties in findidng a new team. Part of the problems are becuase Baggio's economic requests( he wants at least 3.5 million dollars a year) are not affordable for the majority of his suitors which are mid-table teams.
Another stumbling block is the fact that when a bigger team, like Parma comes along offering him a job and being able to pay what he asks for, they usually cannot guarntee him a fixed spot in their line-up which is the other condition Baggio wants to have assured.
The latest offer for the Italian talent comes from Reggina, but it looks like Baggio will have to give up something in order to play as in today's soccer market he cannot have a high salary and the gurantee to play always, so he'll eventually will have to come to a decison between these two aspects.
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