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Bad news

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I don't think it will be ready for tommorow's match, the site that is. I still need to fine tune things and will have to add on 4-5 days to my initial "target" date. So I am hoping to be 100% for monday. However the site WILL be ready for the Portugal-England clash...that I guarantee.

Who would like to right a match report on the Wales game tommorow? I will be writing one. If we can get multiple reports it would be really good because it would give people a chance to see different views.


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I know i havent done anything on the website but at the begining my e-mail wasnt operational and lately i have been studying for exams.If i have a chance i will try to give the game summary if i have a chance.I write my exams on monday and Wensday so i will do my best.
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