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You probably already know that but Macheridis is desperate to leave Benfica.He gave an interview and said that he expected the portuguese league much better and ther3 is hardly a difference with the greek one. (I disagree,yuor league is slightly better).He also said that Benfica is not as he expected ti and they should be a more ambitius club with this kind of history.He said that he is proud to wear the shirt which once Eusebio was wearing but he is not happy at the way the club runs in generally.Anyway,he practically said "come and get me."

Even worst news is that Sabry wants to leave for Real Madrid,which has already made an offer of 6.000.000$.He said that Real has made a bid and that Benfica will answer back after the Euro.He attented PAOK's match today with a PAOK scarf and a PAOK shirt form the stands.He also repeated most of the things Macheridis said.

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
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