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Congratulation Yugoslavia, play it again Piksi !

We were better than Norway. Our defense was better than the so-called beton of Norway. Our fighting spirit was better than theirs.

I heard that this Semb-guy (he looks like so-one who prefers men to women) said after the match, that the referee should have shown more red cards to the yu, this wreck.

I knew that we will win. Norway always had been smart and modest in earlier tournaments, but before tonight`s match the said: we can beat everyone like brazil in 98. Perhaps they had underestimated us.

The marks:

Kralj -
suberb save against Flo in 1st half and good with crosses (ask Iversen for more)

Komljenovic -
I told you he can play left back and he did it adequate

Djorovic -
much better than Nadj

Djukic -
exceptional in duells with the norwegian tanks

Saveljic -
the brick that fitted into the yugo-wall

Drulovic -
not so strong in second half, but wait for the Spain match

Jugovic -
I cannot believe his fitness after his injury

Jokanovic -
I would say one of the best norwegians

Stojkovic -
who needs a hagi when you have a piksi

Mijatovic -
knows how to keep a ball, but he is so slow

Milosevic -
goleador. Show me a No.9 that is more effective and more dangerous than him ?


Kezman -
it`s really a pity for him. I would say the red card was allright, but there have been more brutal fouls in other games. Hopefully just a two match ban so he will be back for the Italy-Yugoslavia Semifinal

Have a light sleep,
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