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A footballer was arrested and out on bail yesterday, and is due to appear
before magistrates in Nottingham tomorrow, to face charges relating to an
incident which took place at his clubs annual Christmas party on Monday. Paul
Addington, a defender for the Coca-Cola League Division Two side Mansfield Town,
was arrested for "lewd and threatening behaviour, criminal damage and
assault" during the party, which took place at the Copthorne Hotel in Nottingham.

During the course of the evening, Addington, 29, is alleged to have become
drunk, abusive and violent towards staff at the hotel, culminating in an
unsavoury incident with an ornamental decorative reindeer and a prosthetic leg.

Hotel duty manager Alan Shaw said today: "It was disgusting behaviour and
totally uncalled for. The evening was passing off very well with everyone in
high spirits, but the gentleman concerned just took things too far. He made a
pass ! at one of our waitresses, and when she didn't respond, he became
abusive towards her."

Mr Shaw went on: "At this point, Mr Addington walked to the front of the
room, undid his trousers, and began to simulate aggressive sexual intercourse
with one of our decorative reindeer. Despite calls for him to sit down, he
continued to touch and fondle the reindeer in an inappropriate manner, before
breaking off one of it's antlers and hurling it at a team-mate, who was

The trouble then esculated when hotel catering manager Steven Aitken tried
to calm Addington down. "The player just went beserk," said Mr Shaw. "Steven
has a prosthetic left leg from the kneecap down, following an unfortunate
gardening accident several years ago. To our horror and disgust, Mr Addington
knocked Steven to the floor, pulled the leg from its socket, and then proceeded
to beat him repeatedly around the head with it. I've never seen anything like
it. Mansfield FC will be hearing from our lawy! ers in due course."

Mr Aitken and his leg were taken to the Queen Ann hospital in Nottingham
where they were eventually reunited. Mr Aitken also received treatment for
concussion and bruising, but his condition is said to be stable.
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