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Back to the bundesliga now...

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We have to regroup...have to take the 12 points on offer..and hope schalke slip...

I cant imagine bayern not playin in the CL next year..:depress: :depress: :depress: :depress:

And i cannot begin to think who we might sell if we dont make it..

What a sick feeling...come on bayern ...come on....
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what really disgusted me this year was the fact that the players lost any hunger for silverware. Take Man U for instance who won the CL 3 years ago. They have since reclaimed the premiership every year. But for bayern, one CL trophy has made them lose all of their desire to win. How can they possibly be lying in 4th position in the bundesliga with the kind of players that they have? There are of course exceptions such as elber, kovac and hargreaves. They really played solidly today. Too bad they were let down by the rest of their teammates.:depress: I don't mind the team losing, but at least they should have shown some heart
a sad dpreseed and angry bayern fan
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