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Just wanna say that I am back from my 4-days-mini-vacation in Germany, and the first thing to do is ofcourse to check the good old forum. I am delighted that lot of you still have the faith in the team, this is the time to show our support. Forum is still the most active on xtratime, we are surely winning that one. :)

Now to the boring part: :(
Since I started visiting this forum, long time before I got that extra yellow star and agreed in helping Mattias as moderator, I have always, always, thought about this place as a home for ALL lazio fans. What amazed me the most was the unity here. Great discussions, lot of other fans coming to OUR lazio forum, because it was (and still is) the best one in xtratime. Everybody liked and respected eachother, allthough we had different opinions. (the people who have been here since last summer know what I talk about).

Now the things have changed. I want tell any names this time. Please try to controll your posts, try to stop insulting other members. WE ARE ALL LAZIO FANS. WE ALL WANT THE BEST FOR THE TEAM. Repeat this 10 times in your head, and you will realize that we have something in common - the team we love. That must unite us, not make us fight with each other. That kind of behavior will only make us LOOK STUPID.
I am talking about insulting between Lazio-fans, but I hope you realize that you don´t have a right to insult any other member (no, not even a roma-fan)
We have all agreed terms and conditions of xtratime.If there is something/somebody who offends you, drop me or Mattias an e-mail, or ICQ message.
There will always be a place for a discussion. "What a hell are you talking about???" is different from "What the hell are you talking, about you stupid ****head???" Skip the last part


(A big apology to all members who are playing by the rules, this was not meant for you.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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