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Ayala wants to leave and Panucci won't come

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Today I read about some news involving AC Milan that captain Roberto Ayala wants to join AS Roma, no transfer sum was mentioned, and that rivals Inter don't want to sell Christian Panucci back to his old club but are willing to listen to Arsenal. :mad:
Anyone know anything more about this? :confused:
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this is actually old news i read it a month ago or something and think i made a topic of it aswell,it looks very likely this will happen but milan dont wanna sell ayala to roma.
If Panucci wont come then i will keep my faith on Daino who also plays as a RB.But the question is will Zac give a chance to Coco & Daino:):)
Anyway i also heard that Milan is looking for Laursen from Verona,donno much about him.Just heard that he is good.
Actually Ayala is having an EU passport,so he is wanted by other clubs.And i think Ayala can play well in a 4 man defence,not 3.
So Milan have how many defenders yet?
Maldini,Chamot,West,Coco,Coloccini,Daino,Roque Junior,Sala....,I guess Costacurta retired.
If he wants to join Roma, he wouldn't have a chance to get into first line-up!
I heard that Milan want to change the tactic into 4-4-2, and this is the type where Ayala is very good!!
I hope this is only rumour...

Some of you guys might jump on me for this, but I don't care to get Panucci back. He has more loyalty to Capello than he does to a club. I also think there's much better defenders we can get.
Hmm, you might be right IVO.
So i guess Milan is looking for Toricelli right now who could play both in Left & Right flank.I think we will use him as sub,i beleive.
Si if Panucci wont come, now is the time for Coloccini & Daino to prove themselves.
panucci will go to roma and he would not go to milan
This is off topic, but a transfer rumour anyway,

Milan are on the verge of concluding talks with boca and riquelme's agent for him and the deal for palermo apparently still stands from a few months ago before he got injured.
It is a blessing in disguise if you don't get Panucci.

The sad thing for you is that you probably will. Panucci was to be traded for gigi Sala but Sala supposedly accordingt to Moratti is not in Panucci's class.

This means that INTER want a better player for him. Who do you guys really think INTER are lusting after? It has gotta be either Ambrosini or Francesco Coco.

Botth these players are key players in your schemes and it seems only logical that if Salas is not good enough that these are the two players that INTER want. it would be very very silly to let these guys go because they are top notch players.

Coco is destined for greatness if you ask me. Serginho will start the season as titular but as the season continues and we all again get tired of his bounce and fall routine Coco will eventually take over at left wing back and it will be great to see him break into t he ittalian national team as Italy becomes more and more balancesd on its wings.

Coco and Zambrotta are excellent foils for each other and i truly hope the wormy looking guy called Zach gives Coco a chance.

No offence gusy but i gotta say it :):):)

FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tazz, surely not many people can be offended because they'd share your opinion on Zac.
I really want to believe the words of our management that we'd count on our youngsters- we didn't release Saudati or Comandini for Vannucchi and Rossi, and I don't think we'll give up any young player for Panucci as we won't release Rino for Pippo (hahaha). If we do then we have the dumbest management ever, and I'd have to live with that pain :( .
Yo Giani take a listen.....

I read about all teh protesting in Italia over Milan's transfer policy and i just cannot understand it. if i werea Milan fan i would extremely proud that the players on teh team i support all know each other so well. That is why no matter who Lazio INTER and Roma buy i am positive that the scudetto will not be decided without Milan's influence.

Juve are also the same but there striker force has improved with the world class David Trezeguet.

its time. Get serious and i hope your fans can appreciate how lucky they are to have Berlusconi and Galliani instead of teh lunatics ia am forcd to put up with across town.....i mean really.....SUKUR??????

Lombardi? and the sale of COlonese? RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!
It's true, it's true.....

Yes, Milan are making the right decision not to buy all and sundry and spend millions in the process. However, where I think the fans' expectations came from was the constant media reports linking us to players like Figo, Rivaldo etc etc. It doesnt help because if we dont sign them, it looks like the club is being tight with the cash. Also, the management havent helped themselves by coming out with conflicting statements about how many players we needed and if we were good enough etc etc. On the whole, I think Milan will be fine, we may not look like world beaters and superstars, but that is what makes winning all the more fun, whats so fun about winning when everyone knows you will? There are still a few areas that need cleaning up and I think we are doing that quietly, i.e Ganz to Atalanta, N'Gotty to Marseille, Orlandini to Brescia.

By October I think we will have around 26 players which mostly will be good ones and mostly ones that have a long football future ahead. Next year is really the difnitive one because Costacurta will definitely hang up his boots, Maldini will play less, Boban (sob sob) and Leo (sob sob) will leave so there will be players that have to take on a lot of responsibilty in this squad. If Albertini could carry good form throughout a season it would be him but right now, there is no-one in the frame and hopefully this season throws up a real leader among the youngsters.

ilTAZZ, I feel for you at Inter. Yes, you buy a lot of stars, and for the thrill-seeking, glory-hunting fan, it must be great, but for those who know where the youngsters are on loan and care about things like team spirit, it must be a nightmare. One thing I am really curious to see is how the Seedorf-Pirlo positional thing is sorted out. I cant see them playing in the same team, somethings got to give. By the way, many thanks for Taribo West, love the guy....
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Tazz, you're right about the fact that we should be proud for now with our management. I'm from the fans that are extremely pleased with Milan buying the second half of Comandini, with the return of OURs Coco and Daino, with our interest in Vannucchi and Di Michele from Salernitana. That's why I'm in a bad mood only when I run into rumors questioning the fact that we are going to keep our young talents, on whom I count very much.
One more thing we needed a person for the left wing- we got Coco. Roque Junior for the central zone. And for a playmaker we'd probably get Riquelme. Honestly I also can't find a serious reason for protests as long as we keep our squad.
And about Sukur, I also don't undestand since Ventola could be given a chance to play. These transfers take the place for Italian (young in most of the cases) players- that's why I'm against them. You make another good point these players (that we got) know each other well, but even if they didn't they would have far more time, if the management is bright, to get to know each other and make a really stable team.
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