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Caretaker coach names squad
March 22, 2:20pm AEDT

At a press conference today in Sydney the Australian Forum XI caretaker coach King Italy named his squad for the Easter Saturday international against Iraq. The squad consisted of a basic starting eleven.

"This is the squad that will line up at the Olympic Stadium against Iraq. Many people have criticised the lack of depth in the squad but I think it is hard to do that as there is none at the minute. Throughout the week we will be looking to add to the squad if possible"

There has been much talk about where the caretaker coach will play in this friendly and the WC qualifying campaign. After a successful career so far at centre back where he played in the 2001 campaign, there was talk King Italy would move up the park: "My position throuhgout my career has been at centre back but I for my country I will play anywhere. After much thought I have been named in defence".

And what about the coaching position? 7159 was at the helm four years ago but King Italy is filling in as caretaker coach at the moment: "It remains to be seen whether I will take on this role permanently. I don't know who will be leading the side for the big matches down the track.

The disciplinary problems of Vogabondo have been well highlighted. A Novocastrian, Vogabondo believed that King Italy wouldn't reward his good showings at Roma with a start in the national side and threatened to represent the Italians instead: "There are some issues with Vogobondo, we all know that, but I see a special talent in him, he will have a big role to play hopefully. If he can fix up his disciplinary troubles, we will see a great player. He will start on Saturday".

The Australian Forum XI squad has players from nine different leagues around the world.

"We've got a fantastic squad here with all the top leagues from Europe represented, and the A-League is also represented. These players are all play crucial roles for their club sides and we are hoping they can do the same when the pull on the national shirt".

The match against Iraq at the Olympic Stadium kicks off at 7pm AEDT. The Australians are also in action three days later against Indoesia at Subiaco Oval in Perth. There are still plenty of tickets available for both matches.

Australian Forum XI Squad:

Quaresma (Porto)

tigerTUFF (Olympiakos)
South_Melbourne (Olympiakos)
King Italy (Perth Glory)
Terak (Dynamo Kyiv)

khimik (Arsenal)
Tolga (Fenerbahce)
Bosanac (Zeljo)
Vogabondo (Roma)

MacoBoy (FC Rabotnicki)
dinamovac11 (Dinamo Zagreb)

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Australian coach arrested and charged

Australian care taker football coach, King Italy, has been arrested and charged with assaulting a memeber of the media after his teams lathargic 2-1 victory against Iraq.

It is understood that King Italy was approached by SBS memeber, Andrew Orsatti, right after the game but still coming to terms with the bad display from his team, the player-coach attacked Orsatti, pushing him to the ground and kicking him.

King Italy had to be restrained by other members of the team before being taken away by police still in his Australian kit. He was released the next day but was unapologetic over the incident.

"The idiot came up to me right after the game wanting an interview. I mean seriously, how would you feel after your team put in a crap performance like that infront of it's home fans. I told him to piss off but he didn't listen so I hit the bastard. That will teach him." said the enraged coach.

King Italy had no comment over the sudden dissapearance of striker dinamovac11. The striker left the team hotel a day before the game and has not been seen since. There are rumours circulating that the former Melbourne Knights and now Dinamo Zagreb player is on the verge of being called up for Croatia's European qualifier against Malta this week. Australian officials have not been able to contact him as of yet.

Sampdoria was brought into the squad as a last minute replacement.
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