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Attention: kluivert dropped from team!!!

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he has to prove him self, he always come in when Barca is down so was dificult to prove him self.. Good luck for BARCA
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Hey guys , latest news : patrik kluivert has been dropped from the first team. that's right dropped. he won't even be sitting on the bench! this happened because of kluivert critizing van gall to the spanish media and because of his poor performances. now it's only for this weekend's game,although van gall is considering even the meeting with chelsea @ the nou camp. dani garcia is the obvious and certain replacement for kluivert. meanwhile pep guardiola returns in place of xavi. keep your fingers crossed... remember 2-0 will do!
big deal he is a piece of overrated trash.
Now Dani is going to save Barce and prove his better than Kluivert.
I heard Figo might be unable to play against Oviedo... And maybe Rivaldo is also kept on the bench, because of is bad performance the last couple of matches.
Then we'll play Zenden-Dani-Simao...
I don't think that would be that bad...
I hope that Kluivert will never play another game for Barca because he is idiot!!
I realy hate that guy!
Kluivert would be a great player if he would have been a better person - he's just so arrogant and behaves like a God (or Romario, for me).
Dani isn't better than Kluivert... but he'll do. If Dani and Kluivert don't play who would play instead (or would VG change the formation)?
Anyway - all Barsa supporters should think positive and so inspire the FCB - give them strenght (something like in "Celestine Prophecy").
...think happy thoughts for FCB and BELIEVE!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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