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What have u guys heard about the player that might come to juve next season specially attackers , i heard that del piero will pack out of juve , is that true? i hope not.
and also there is rumours saying that jardel may come it will be a really boost to the biaconneri attack.
tell all u know about the transfers in/out plz.

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as for all transfers, i'm not to sure, but i can tell u some rumours i have read, most are bull**** though.

carini - looks liek lazio want him
pessotto, birindelli, parramatti all look set to leave.

davids might leave, rumours i have heard for swaps etc....

- lazio want him and cash and davids swap for nesta has been mentioned.
- man u might swap veron for him
- PSG has said cash plus Ronaldinho for him. (i like that one)
- arsenal has said ljundeberg swap for him.

thuram might go to man u for Veron (dont like that)

mutu, baiocco have signed and brighi should be coming back.

Fresi has also been said to have signed.

conte might be on his way out if juve dont offer another contract to him this season.

tacchinardi swap for guttusso (hate them both)

eriberto from chievo has been rumoured.

cannavaro has stated a move to juve

d'allessandro has been loked at a lot by juve (he wont come, cost to much and moggi wont buy him)

amoruso and zalayeta will leave.

kluivert has been rumoured to join juve and del piero go the other way. very unlikely though.

thats about all i think....

i read something on rosicky being considered a our new playmaker, but i'm not confident we'll sign him. although he is the best player for us to buy at the moment.

thats about all, like i said, most are bull**** though.

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I think we have a real chance to get Mantorras and Maccarone -
I think Salas + those two would provide us with a good bench in this area. They are both young, could be future stars.

Rumours about Davids-Ronaldinho swap are probably bogus (c'mon, Davids to PSG?) but interesting.

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We should know soon what the off season brings our way in the name of players...Until then every thing you hear is nothing but unfounded rumours.


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I think that Juve will sign Mutu and Maccarone for next season.
Then we will have
- DEL PIERO - the golden boy of italian soccer
- TREZEGUET - Prolific soccer who will lead the WC scoring charts (tied with Vieri)
- SALAS - El Matador, world class, always gives 100%
- MUTU - The new Hagi, great prospect
- MACCARONE - New young italian striker (quoted as saying "I'll be the next Vialli for Juve")
- then zalayeta and Guzman for extreme backup

A great range of strikers.

Also been linked to Crespo, Kliuvert, Kezman, Amoroso.
All very unlikely

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i think we can safely say that Trezeguet will be with Juventus next season and beyond. He's very close to the top scorer chart in serie a and i won't be surprised if he finished this season as top scorer. He's really that good now. And to think that Juventus currently still do not have a playmaker to provide more assists to Trezegol. What will happen next season when the attacking midfielder steps in.......:dazed:

As for a link lately about Pedro Mantorras, i don't know. He will be a good player for the bench but he might be too expensive. 16m pounds mentioned.

Maccarone may be an excellent player for the future. The next Vialli maybe :cool:

Yea and Nyuka, if Juve sells Tacchinardi, do you think we'll get van Bommel? Think he's a better prospect than a Vieira anytime. :rolleyes:
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