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Athletic were made by Englishmen!

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Is it true that Athletic were founded in 1898 by a group of englishmen???:confused: Maybe you can tell me Bio? England invented the great game of football and Athletic Club, the most historic and traditional club in spain (Euskadi)!!!:D :proud: :proud: :proud:
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From my small knowlege of Athletic's history that's right!!!

In fact, the onlt "foreigns" that played for athletic were those english who founded this great club while working in Bilbao's mines...
They were also Sunderland fans and hence the colors. :)
At least the sunderland fans have done something right:tongue: :tongue: :tongue: !! Interesting stuff!! Keep it coming!!!;)
Yeah it's true, but I don't know if the founders where Sunderlad fans, what is right is that the colors come from Sunderland's T-shirt
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