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Athlethic Bilbao 0-2 FC Barcelona

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10 minutes to go and FC Barcelona is winning at San Mámes with 2 goals from Javier Pedro Saviola:)
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Good result, horrible match. I saw it and it was very boring, we were lucky to play against such a bad team like Athletic tonight... anyways very good game of "el Conejo" Saviola:)
yup, he put his hand up when kluivert was banned, forcing rexach to play him... i hope that idiot charly plays him more often now as a result of his display.
That's a lesson for Rexach. Barcelona lost in Athens and Saviola didn't play in the hole match. Now he played and he scored 2 goals! I hope Rexach will not do any stupid things again in Tuesday!


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YES WE are in foruth place now.
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