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I thought I was going to post my thoughts before the game against Fiorentina but I couldn't find the time. Now I am even more convinced about what I am going to write, because I have read many posts from disappointed fans (understandable) and I think this could make us all feel a bit better.

After reading a couple of posts from fans of other teams, writing that Lazio won't win any cup this year I thought about our season but also the season of the other top teams of Serie A.

Lazio, 2nd in the league. Ok, we are 5 points behind but we are there, and Juve can't be sure of winning the title.
In the Italian Cup, we are in final and have won the first leg.
In the Champions League we are in the quarterfinals, we will need a great performance tomorrow but we could make it.

And what I mean with the subject of this topic is that: we maybe won't win anything this season but WE ARE THERE. Fighting for everything until the end, we try, we have played 50+ games this season. And always on the highest levels, and that has been going on for three seasons now (this is the third).
I am proud to support LAZIO, always THERE (at the top of every competition where it really counts).
I don't care what the others say about our team that we need a new defence, 20 new attackers, a new coach, 5-10 new keepers. Because it's just bullsh!t !
This team is fantastic, they play every 3-4 days on high level, different competitions, long trips to South America and back. Injuries when we come in to a crucial part of the season but although we have so many things against us WE ARE THERE IN EVERY COMPETITION !!!!

Taking a look at the other teams:
they are the only one that could say anything to us because they are on top of Serie A. But in the Italian Cup they are out because they we knocked out by LAZIO. In the uefa cup they are out too. They only have the league but I repeat, they are doing it well so credits to juve for that.

1.Out of the CL before it even started.
2.Knocked out of the Italian Cup second round (something like that), Knocked out of the uefa cup.
3. They are doing well in the league now, but they have been out of the league title race for…I don't even know how long time ago it was over for Parma. And in my opinion I rather be on the top fighting instead of "only" winning the last games and come on third place without ever having hopes for the league title.
1. Knocked out from two european competitions in 3 minutes (new record ?). And when was that ? oh yes…it was in October…. :)
2. Italian Cup, knocked out by Inter.
3. In the league they are not doing well at all and I doubt they will get a CL place, and then again…they are fighting for a CL place 10 (!!!!) points behind us.

1. Leeds :)
2. Cagliari :)
3. In the league they are far away from where the winner Capello said he was going to take roma….

1. They are not taking part of any european competition.
2. In the Italian Cup final against us, lost the first leg but still have a chance.
3. In the league they are extremely bad, ok that Vieri and Ronaldo has been injured but what the hell… at least they could have won at home against juve…

So when I read that this team is so bad, that we need that and that, I think it's crazy. Because if our team is so bad, what are the others ????
Are they non-league teams ? maybe not even good enough for that. And when fans from other teams write that Lazio won't win anything, I think that maybe they are right, but while they support a team out of everything WE are THERE fighting with all the emotions that it means for us.

I want to say that keep this team for next season.
NOT EVEN ONE PLAYER should be sold !!! If then our President thinks that he has find a good reinforcement for this team, then he is welcomed but NO PLAYER OUT FROM THIS GREAT TEAM !!!!

Forza Lazio

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AngeloB,you've made some great points.It's great to see us in there fighting on three fronts.We still have a chance,slim maybe,but a chance,of catching Juve in the league.We need big performances from Fiorentina and Parma to help us.I really believe that we can score three at least against Valencia.That tie is far from over.And Inter in the second leg of the Coppa Italia?What a joke that team are.The only thing I disagree with is that Lazio should keep all it's current players for next season.Boksic for one should go.Anyone who before an important league game complains his shirt is too tight and that he's not playing is worthless to team morale.Goalscorer or not.We also need to strengthen the squad for next season to replace Mancini for one.Vieri has never been replaced.And we saw how thin we are at the back a few times this season.Lack of a great goalscorer can be costly.We failed to beat Juve,Inter,Milan and Parma at home this season.I was very surprised at this.Costly dropped points indeed.Sloppy goals conceded against Milan.Bad finishing against Parma.We're three players short of being a truly great team,one that will finally win the scudetto and Champions League.A top class defender to play alongside Nesta,A world class goalscorer in the Batistuta mould,and, even though I hate to say it,a goalkeeper.Then and only then will we be able to go away to places like Venezia and Verona and stop losing.I think myself that last years team that lost the title by a point was a better team than this years.

Sempre Forza Lazio !!!!

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All in all in complete agreement with Angelo B. Lazio is a great team You can all be proud off.
No Lazio players have disqualified themselves on the field this season I think, but obviously that doesn't mean no-one could be replaced for the benefit of the team.


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At last some sanity. Keep the players you have and get out of the mould of buying and selling. Keep the faith with players like Salas and all will be well.
Do not buy players that do not deserve to be anywhere near Rome (i.e. Milosevic) but I feel that C Lopez was a good buy (if it is sealed yet).
Players need time to adapt to a team and next year will be Lazio's.


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I am with you AngeloB. No other Italian team have played so many matches as Lazio, sometimes you win everything like Man Utd last year but mostly you don´t.

Remember also that we all ready have won the European Supercup and that we have a big chance to win Coppa Italia.

When I started to like Lazio after the WC 1994 they were not even close to win something today Lazio has won titles and I think that sooner or later Lo Scudetto will be back in Rome after so many years.

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this was truly a great post...i am deeply hurt that you could not make it to the semi-final but then you are a really great team and i think that Lazio deserves to be in the top European teams.
Well done this season, i am not going to talk about the Scudetto but better luck with the champions league next season.
but then about Parma i think that they are doing great in the league lately and the reasons for their position is because of injury but then they have no excuse to losing to Rengers in the qualifying phases of the champions league.
Inter have no excuses at all because even though Ronaldo was injured they still have a tremendous attacking force. but i think if they keep the same team they keep the same team next season they will be a great force.

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I have a friend who is a Milan fan and after the first leg aganist Valencia he said "Lazio is hopeless" etc. etc.

Then I remind him when Milan came LAST in their group in the FIRST stage of the CL and that they are struggling to get a CL spot for next season. :)

Forza Lazio

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If Lazio wins the scudetto this year - and as I keep telling everyone who will listen, the race is far from being over - you won't "steal" it from us (Juventus). You will have earned it on the pitch as the best team in Italy over the last two years and as one of Europe's elite teams.

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