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Guys here is the Asian Cup Draw..
Group A:
Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Thailand.
Group B:
South Korea, China, Kuwait and Indonesia.
Group C:
Saudi Arabia, Japan, Qatar and Uzbekistan.

I think teams in Group C will have diffuculty ! and Groub A is too easy for the Irani and Iraqi teams.
what do you think guys ?
who are favourates after this draw ?

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Group A

Iran and Iraq are most probably going to finish top two.. Iran is good, so was Iraq before the..... But they are regaining their form now. DO you know why Japan did not make it to WC94 ?? Becuase they played Iraq in their last game in the group wich ended in a draw, that was a good game too. Neither of them made it to the finals but instead Korea did.

Group B

Korea and Kuwait for sure, this is clear..

Groups C

Uzbekistan can be the black horse, they normally give a hard time to big teams, but I would say the competition will be between SA, Japan, and Qatar, qatar got an impressive team, however in the last Gulf cup they didnt do that good..

The only thing that worries me is United Arab Emirates ! I mean they were supposed to be in that cup easily, usually a good team, but they are very inconsistent, they can beat Saudi Arabia in one day and lose to Maldives (with all respect) in another day.

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one question guys :
whey didn't UAE and Syria make it to the Asian Cup ??
they play very good...
that's it c ya
salam ...................................MO..
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