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Hey as we're so loaded and can let someone of JVP's value go for free Ive been working working out who we can get, wel for starters we can get rui costa and then figo and rivaldo would do for starters hey what about vieri he's due a move then maybe we can get paulo sousa, and bento oh but hey bento would be free and go forbid that we ever SAVE any money! So we could get say conceicao as well, hey why not roberto carlos i mean he's within our price range or is he a bit to cheap then maybe we could get kluivert coz he's meant to be leaving barcelona but the deal would only be able to go through if benfica could break the world record,
Hey as we're so bloody loaded why dont we just buy evreyone who is decent oh sorry heynckes I forgot mr Heyncknes only likes foreign rejects hey maybe we could get haunch for £15 or £20 million but hey we wouldnt want to undervalue him!!!!!!!!!

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I heard that Benfica was also bringing in, with their vast vast financial resources, Lilian Thuram, Zidane, Beckham and *maybe* just *maybe* Raul. Rumour has it that Benfica and Raul are okay with the Wage but its just a minor detail like the length of the contract. Oh yeah I should mention that in light of Benfica getting so much money in the JVP deal, Real Madrid has opted to go in the same direction with Raul.



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