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Here is a link to a very intresting article about the foreign players in Israel.http://www.one.co.il/Article/125551.html

For those who don't read hebrew, in resume it says that the quality has reduced and that not so long ago most of the foreigners came from eastern europe and he gives a lot of examples of players who gave contributions to the clubs just mention a few of them: Alexander Ubarov, Istvan Pisont, Giovanni Rosso, Stefan Salloi, Gabor Halmai, Tamas Sandor, Sebastian Cimerotic, Yakubu Aiegbeni(one of the very few african players to produce good displays in Israel) Sergei Kandaurov, Goran Milenko, Istvan Hamar and the list goes on.

The article explains that east european players are more expensive for Israeli clubs than they were in the past and they are also prefering to play in other leagues like in Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Belgium, where they believe it could be a better step in their careers. So Israeli clubs tend to bring now, South American or African players and according to the article the level of play has reduced and even worse it harms the development of Israeli players (in this case he defends IFA chariman Avi Luzon in his attempt to reduce the number of foreigners per club.

Also the fact of the scouts have a poor level of analysing players. IMO the only club that managed to do a good job in these past years was Maccabi Haifa. Now Netanya has signed Tommy Nielsen (son of former Israeli NT coach Richar Moeller Nielsen) in order to make this issue more professinal.

The article also gives some stats: only 15 from 69 goals until now in the league were scored by foreigners ehich gives percentage of 22%.
Also 50% of the keepers from the 12 Ligat Ha Al teams are foreigners a new record. The foreign keepers have conceded more than Israelis.34 to 28.The author questions if these keepers are better than the young keepers we have.
And gives a hint for the bosses that is better to buy 2 great foreigners than 5 medium class ones.
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