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~Arsenal -=V=- Ipswich~

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I really hope we will take another big step towards the titel this weekend. I got a feeling that both ManU (If they don`t drop any points now they won`t do it at all) and LIVERPOOL :eek: will drop points this weekend. Liverpool isn`t good enough to win the titel and maybe Derby can nick a point at Anfield with some luck.
We got a few injures but it seems like we will play all of Dixon, Adams,Keown in the defence, what a beatiful watch :)
I think Henry should be rested, He have been with France this week and we play West ham on Wedsday, So lets start with Bergy Jeffers upfront AW.
I say 3-1
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I think it'll be 3-1 for us, and Henry should be given a rest so Jeffers can have a chance.
Obviously, we need to win... I also think we should rotate the squad slightly, starting with TH on the bench is a good idea.

The defensive situation has eased a bit, Cole is available and I think Adams is too. Adams will only be able to play in one of our two home games this week (we play West Ham on Wednesday) so its up to Arsene which one. I'd have him on the bench for Sunday.

On paper, it should be a win for us. Ipswich need to win as well, so they will have to come out and attack us - which should allow us to pick them off.

Easy on paper, but games are played on grass, not paper...
With Adams and Cole bck in the team, I cannot see Ipswich scoring. Wiltord will miss the game due to a thigh injury which wil keep him out of the FA Cup Final.

Possible Lineup;


Ipswich Team;

Marshall, Wilnis, McGreal, Venus, Hreidarsson, Peralta, Holland, Clapham, George, Stewart, Bent.

So looking at both the teams I predict a 3-0 win
Freddie, Henry and Bergkamp.
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I think 3-1 for Arsenal, Bergy gets a brace and Freddie pips one in.
I decied to never be positive before a game again you just get disapointed :mad: . I`m glad that I don`t support Chelsea, As soon as ManU went 1 up all thieir players gave up and all the spirit they had before Van Nistelrooy had dived and been given a Free kick wich led to Scholes 1-0 goal disapeared in a moment.
Chelsea are a bunch of over paid morons who never will win the league because if you want to do that you have to fight for a whole seasone wich is far to much for them.
The only bright spot in the game was Petit, I think you could see that he really wanted to help the club in his heart :rolleyes:
With a lot of players returning from injury, I don't see why Arsenal should'nt win against Ipswich! But, I kinda fancy Ipswich's style of play... They are one of the club which play very good football but their relegation position is such a cruelty to them, I'd rather see Bolton going down the drain instead of them!

So I tipped a 1-0 win over them.
haha jacke welcome to the club
before i would be so happy cose i knew arsenal would win
then once in a while, they lost. and i would be pissed until they won again
wasnt worth it
so i always think of the worst
cose then i'll be the happiest person in the world if i get proven wrong, but my feelings wont change if it is true.
but thats just me

well yes, i think adams will be back. and cole is back.
yea rest TH not berggy. i think at the current form AW should stop subbing berggy and start with henry. berggy is just on fire!
Anyone heard about Ljungberg's condition? I read that his back was sore again.
Arsenal will get all 3 points but this will be by no means easy as Ipswich will likely be fired up for it. Really this and another win will surely seal the title for you.

For Ipswich, the situation has become a whole lot more interesting. Everton, Bolton and Fulham are virtually safe while Blackburn really need just another win to be sure. Sunderland however are the relegation wild card with a poor run of form lately. If Arsenal can win the title before the end, this will leave Man U and Liverpool with nothing to play for, and Ipswich can beat Boro and either Man U or Liverpool they could just escape.
David i think Ipswich being fired up will work in our favour.Most teams come to THOF and defend.The ones who have come to play football have been beaten well ;)
Arsenal 4-1 Ipswich (Henry 2,Edu,Den) :cool:
I would like to see this team on the field today:
Dixon Adams Keown Lauren
Ljungberg Parlour Vieira Edu
Begy Jeffers
subs: Wright Grimandi Pennant Kanu Henry
freddie should be fine
if he was like gone sore again
i think it would of said on some sight
like arsenal official website or something
I'm going to watch this game for some reason.

Ipswich will be deperate to get a win, or at least draw, I don't think your going to walk over them easily.

Prediction: Arsenal 2-1
this is my first post on here(i'm a gooner by the way)
i've got every confidence that we'll win today, eventhough our squad is decimated with injuries.
i'd play -




i saay we keep bergkamp wrapped in cotten wiool, so he's fresh for the cup final and the manure game.
i predict a nice and comfy 2-0 win, with henry and ljungberg scoring.
come on te arsenal!

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My team for Ipswich would be:


Ralph, Adams, Keown, Cole

Parlour, Edu, Paddy, Freddie

Henry, Jeffers.

As said before, Bergkamp could use a rest and its about time we gave Jeffers a good run out in the first team. Ipswich are a good footballing side, and thier fighting for survival, so I dont think they will be any push overs.

Perhaps if they do commit to many men foward, then they will leave their defence wide open, which we are more than capable of exploiting.

2-0 to the Arsenal I predict.
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God damn I forgot that Cole is fit again, Ok sorry Dixon you`ll have to sit on the bench today and Grimandi :rolleyes:
It was a nervous yet boring 2-0 victory from Arsenal. Though they won the game. I'm bitterly dissappointed with the team...

Besides Bergkamp and Tony who else was great?

What happen to the team work and confindence that they've talk about throughout the season?

Viera was pathetic and was very lifeless. If it had'nt for great work from Tony and the rest of the defenders, we could've gone down early!

What's wrong with Henry? Is he too eager to get that Golden Boot Award that he lose his concentration and teamplay? It had to take "JINX" man to provide that one crucial cross to kill the game...

If this sort of play is going to OLD TRAFFORD, we would end up like last season...

Was it overconfidence that distract us?
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I think you`re very hard on the team mate. I think we did an ok performance the only thing I was a little bit disapointed with was our movement and that Franny didn`t came on. ratings:
Seamam 7 Not as solid as usual but ok.
Lauren 7 No misstakes and a few good runs
Keown 7 Great to see him back
Adams 8 ½ What a man
Cole 6 ½ Not as good as you expekt him to be
Parlour 6 ½ Is a far away from the form he had in Dec / Jan
Vieira 7 ½ I think he did a very good job, I really don`t see why you so mad at him, I think it`s really unfair.
Edu 7 Some very good things some very poor things
Freddie 9 Freddie is what Overmars was for us 98, but does a much better job defensive.
Bergy 8 ½ Back to his best, Really wonderful to see

Kanu 6 ½
Grimandi 7
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(Arsenal) are you mad they were the fukin nuts ;)

We didn't pop it about but you've got to give credit to the Tractor boys for fighting like there weren't tommorow.
Paddy and the back four were massive it was just congested on the route to goal ;)
This was a championship performance,never pack it in,keep on going and don't panic. ;)
If it wasn't for games like these chewing your nails what would be the thrill of winning? It would be Swiftwilly winning by 20 clear points the EPL for Exeter City, a nothing achievement( no offence SW);)
I am Proud to be a Goona tonight ;)

WE'LL WIN CAUSE WE'RE ARSENAL!!!..........etc.


OO 2 B A GOONA :tongue:
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