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Arsenal releases Suker!

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Come on board directors! Wake up! This is your chance to half make up for the biggest mistake in football management history which you guys committed last year: Replacing a Madridista through and through named Suker with a 36-million dollar personality problem! Oh I know you're not even thinking of getting him back, but please think about it! This is a no-brainer. He adores Real Madrid and scores vital goals. He knows everyone n the team. He'll have no problems with adapting because he's done it all before!
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Aleluja. If this info is true, I would simply love to see Davor back in Madrid. The qeustion is why did Arsenal release him? Are they mad?!
yeah, why is arsenal releasing suker?? I thought they need all the help they can to catch up with the top runners (though maybe too late to catch ManU)
Arsenal's not that crazy! Davor's Arsenal property for the rest of the season. And after that he can listen to contract offers, and whoever gives the best one gets Davor for free. West Ham is said to be interested.

Wenger says that a top-caliber player like Suker deserves to be on the pitch and with Bergkamp, Henry, Kanu ahead of Davor in the pecking order, Wenger just decided to do him a favor and let him go this summer.

Wenger seems a good manager to me...
Del Bosque though is said to be the favorite to be manager next year, and that would be a good decision, I think, cause everyone on the team seems to have only nice words to say about his work. Except of course Anelka.

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Poor old Davor. I wish he would return to Spain and play for some kewl team (maybe Deportivo?). I hate to see him wasting himself in the crap PremierLaegue. A sad day for him, but I really admire Wenger for such a decision.
Yes, it is true that the arse released sukor. It was only a 1 year deal and did`nt decide to re-sighn him. I really think that he is too old to be playing on our team cause if he played like he did in england with a slow style, when I saw him, he'll die in Spain.
Why we sold Suker? Because Real wanted that 36mil. personlity problem--Anelka and Suker is a free man on our BENCH!
Why does Arsenal release him? Because he isn't better than Henry, and he complained on the BEHCH!
Why do Real need him back? Because we need a person to grumble (about Real or Arsenal or whatever they like) together with our troublesome Anelka on the BENCH! :)-->it may pacify him...

No, we don't need him. He is a good player with kind personality. But, it is real world here, to be more realistic, ppl. He is a smart person, he knows that West Ham is more fit for him, great. Just hope Suker will have a favorable situation on the rest of his sports life.

PS, I guess what Driver X said means that we really treat Anelka badly, unfairly! What did we do? Some of the proir players didn't like his come--true; he has less chances to play--true. But what did he do to us? He think he is a biggest talent that he should bigger than the Club; he refused to train; he just scored 1 goal on the league...do I need to count more? A player with personality problems in him mind will NEVER become a great player!...be more extreme, if he is not like a dog, we won't treat him like a dog!
As a Real supporter, I really tired of him...I don't care we will lost money...GET RID OF HIM!
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Arsenal released hi because they have 4 strikers for 2 positions. With Thierry Henry in great form, and then regulars Bergkamp and Kanu, aswell as a bid for PSV striker Ruud Van Nistelrooij, Arsenal could have very good strikers next season. But Suker claimed, which was true, that he had not enough playing-time so he wished to leave Arsenal and coach Wenger is letting him go. He is likely to stay in London and possibly join West Ham, but Dinamo Zagred have also been linked to him, which could possibly see him finishing his career in Croatia. yes, Anelka is a personality problem, but he did not have it half as much with Arsenal or with the French national team, he didn't go agro when he wans't picked for the France 98 squad, so maybe Anelka's attitutde says something about the club or coach or players of Real Madrid. Maybe Suker will join the technical staff of Real one day, but as player, he won't return, considering his age too.
Driver X, what I heard was that Suker was planning on buying a Croatian club not play for one. Oh well.

What do you mean Anelka's problem says something about the club? Are you implying that Anelka's statements about him being treated like a dog and all that are true? I, for one think he has been treated better than anyone else on the team since he has arrived, with the special training sessions, and simply letting him get on by after faking an injury and all. I think he's just frustrated at not being able to be the great player he envisioned himself to be and that's what's making him act like a jerk not the club.
who cares suker is out,clubs like west ham and fulham are interested!!!!
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