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Arsenal - biggest Brazilian Community in London :P

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You guys probably already know this, but here goes anyway!

Saturday 8th July 2000
Updated 7:29pm BST

Arsene Wenger is poised to take his summer spending spree to an incredible £25 million with the imminent signing of the Brazilian international Edmilson.
The deal to take the 22-year-old from Sao Paulo to Arsenal has only to be signed, according to a spokesman at the Brazilian club.

Edmilson has been tipped for a move to the Premiership club for around a month after impressing Arsene Wenger during the manager's tour of South America, which also saw him sign Edu from Sao Paulo's rivals Corinthians.

Sao Paulo spokesman Jose Dias confirmed that the deal should be completed early next week after a £5 million fee was agreed.

"Edmilson is virtually an Arsenal player," he said. "All he needs to do is sign on the dotted line."

The player will fly to England over the weekend, and is expected at Highbury on Monday, after Brazilian coach Wanderley Luxemburgo granted him permission to miss a couple of days training with the national squad.

Luxemburgo said: "It is common-sense to allow this because the transfer will be important to the player."

Edmilson admitted he was delighted to be with the Brazil squad, but will not object to being sent to England.

"People need to know that I am not a machine, but I am going to accept and Wanderley Luxemburgo understands that I am not forcing the situation after we met. For me, to be selected is a dream that is being carried through," he said.

Wenger has already snapped up the signatures of France's Robert Pires, along with Lauren Mayer and Brazil's Edu, for a combined fee of £19.2 million, as he seeks to bolster his squad for a two-pronged assualt on European and domestic glory.
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the reason for all this in Edmilson's career goes to one person: Levir Culpi (Sao Paulo manager).
Last year Edmilson was being harrased by the Sao pPaulo suppoerters for making crap appearences in midfield. He ven got banned for 90 days after he kicked the referee in the semi final of the brazilian championship agaisnt Corinthians.
When Levir took over Sao Paulo he put him on defense, and his football started to shine...and now he is called up to the Brazilian team and Arsenal buy him!
IS Adams, Winterburn and Petit getting out of the team?
By this move I think now Brazilians will invede the premiership....the last league for us to conquer!:):):)
Well Adams is now ancient and not as good as he was...as seen during Euro2000, as for Winterburn, he has not figured as much as he used to....the Dream defence is now breaking up....I cannot remember even if Winterburn was sold to West Ham or not...hmmmm..get back to you on that one, tomorrow! As for Petit, well he spent most of last season moaning about everything and anything (and this is not bitterness from last Sunday but fact), he keeps threatening to leave, so I guess Arsene is not waiting round for him to go...maybe the French revolution is over...time for the Brazilian!

And Edmilson sounds like he could give Paul Alcock (ref pushed over by Di Canio-Scum) nightmares!!! :)
Edmilson played in today, brazilian cup final..he received an accidental punch from Rogerio (his goalkeeper) !:)
It was his last game for Sao Paulo today, and tomorrow he is going straight to Highbry to make his medical exams!
Ok, nice touch, the accidental punch from his goalkeeper, although this can have nasty consequences as Shaun Teale found out in 1994 when he played Villa's entire final of the League Cup with a broken nose, done by Bosnich!
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