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Who will win the Armenian Premier League in 2006?

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  • Kilikia

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  • Ararat

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • Shirak

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  • Ulis

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  • Gandzasar

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The celebration of the good, or why THE MEDIA they appeared the passiveness


24- GO of December in the state academic theater of opera and ballet passed the already become by tradition ceremony of chevstvovaniya of the prize-winners of the championship of Armenia on the football.

After the salutatory speech of the President OF FFA of rubene Of ayrapetyana to the scene was invited the conqueror of the first the leagues of the championship of Armenia "pyunik-2". To the champion of the first leagues awarded by medals by goblet the member of executive committee FFA, the President FK of banants Of sarkis Of israelyan. Pyunikovtsy were also acknowledged by conquerors "Fair play".

Then the member of the executive committee FFA Of levon Of asratyan congratulated and entrusted medal to bronze prize-winner and possessor of goblet "mike", and rubene Of sinoyan awarded by the medals of silver prize-winners - football players and the trenerskiy staff of Yerevan "Banantsa".

Repeated champion of Armenia to medal and the goblet of champion entrusted personally the President OF FFA rubene Of ayrapetyan. It should be noted that the goblet of champion raised overhead Raphael nazaryan, but not the captain of the command Of sarkis Of ovsepyan, which did not be present on the ceremony.

Were also noted and rewarded the best football player of Armenia 2006 Of armen Of shakhgel'dyan from "miki", the best bombardier of championship to the ares Of akobyan, while also best futbolistka of Armenia, goalkeeper of Yerevan "Koledzha" and team Armenia Anna karapetyan.

Were rewarded the representatives of judical housing carene Of nalbandyan, ararat Of chakharyan and Arman amirkhanyan. Director Sportstudii of the public television Of melik Of mailyan obtained the prize of the rezhisseratekhnicheskogo association for the long-standing illumination of football.

For the contribution to development of Armenian football by grammotami and with television sets they were rewarded the number of football workers: Henrik nalbandyan, the seeds Of israelyan, Edwin grigoryan, Artashes Of avetisyan, Ashot Arutyunyan, Vachagan Of barsegyan and others.

However, in spite of all this remained certain incompleteness in summing up of the results of the passed 15th championship of Armenia. The founded by the Armenian OF THE MEDIA nominations in the determination of the good in their line of business became in recent years tradition. Thus, for instance, television network "Hay TV" entrusted prize to the best goalkeeper, football weekly "aykakan football" - to best zashchtiniku, "shogakat TV" - to author of the most beautiful goal....

To indicate that we in this championship not had good defenders and goalkeepers, or not was oppressed at least one beautiful goal - it is thoughtless. However, then which did force by our MEDIA to forego the nominations founded by them? Indeed for each of the laureates acknowledgement - enormous stimulus of increase.


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The 2006 league season is finished so I unstick the thread - of course we can continue a disscution here :)

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What to make?


On 24 December took place the yearly gala- idea, organized by the federation of the football of Armenia, during which occurred the rewarding of the laureates of the mishuvshego season.

In one of its last numbers the newspaper "futbole'shch" totaled of the unsuccessful appearance team Armenia. Let us now focus attention on the internal championship, where we must be born and grow future players for our national command. We attempted to proanalizovat' not only advantage and deficiencies in the separate clubs, but also to reveal the system problems of our football.

Football club seeks out the sponsor

It's no secret to anyone, that the superiority of Armenia - one of weakest lig in Europe. About this testifies not only the table of coefficients UYEFA, but also in this frankly acknowledge the numerous workers of Armenian football. However, even the weakest leagues of Europe, which even be inferior to our championship (represent that there are similar), have its specific traditions or at least stable composition of participants. Unfortunately, our superiority of similar traditions does not have. Prior to the start of any of the last seasons with confidence it was possible to speak about the participation of three-four commands.

The prospects for rest are so catastrophic that even their leaders made it difficult to make forecasts apropos of that, will complete club season or not. It is possible with the confidence to assert that also on the eve of the start of season of 2007 before the federation will stand the problem of the scarcity of participants in championship and development of the regulations of tournament.

That only did not test our functionaries. The previous superiority, in which participated an odd quantity of commands, it passed into two stages. In 2006 from this idea they refused, first of all, for that reason, that the division of eight participants in the specific stage to two groups would be actually absurd. Football players themselves acknowledge that it is psychologically very tiresome constantly to play against one and the same rivals. However, an increase in the number of commands of the highest leagues seems by the impracticable task, first of all, because of the unsatisfactory financing. About this problem repeatedly spoke the President of the federation of the football of Armenia rubene Of ayrapetyan, which acknowledged that the situation appears depressing.

And nevertheless federation cannot anything change, since if men or the organization does not desire to finance football command, then no one can force it in this.

In this case it is not possible even to use word "investment", since the money pack with the intention to sooner or later obtain income. To pack money into the Armenian football is impossible, since no one will be able to promise predprininimatelyu, through how many years it will return inserted by it capital - 5, 50 or 500 years

In Armenia financing football club - this is of its kind the form of charity, and thus far not evidently, due to what can change situation. Entire the same rubene Of ayrapetyan long years financed "pyunik" and millions of dollars it spent on the formation of club; however, confidently it is possible to say that it did not obtain the conversely even part of the sum inserted by it. But in what problem? In Armenia there are no prerequisites for the sources of income of professional football. As a rule clubs earn money at sale of tickets, television rights and arrangement of the advertisement of sponsor on the sports shirts. The games of the championship of Armenia are passed with the empty platforms, and, entrance on them free, and the remaining two component parts of the income can bring per year the maximum of profit into several thousand dollars. It is natural that for positioning the advertisement of sponosora on the sports shirts the club must ensure with identical sport uniforms of all its terms. The discussion deals, first of all, with one capital command, on storage of which unexpectedly ended all complete sets of sport uniforms. Of connections with this the representative of club even made special statement in the press, after explaining the true reasons of the appearance of a chief trainer on the official match in the form of one of the rivals. Represent in second that both clubs have sponsors, and the teacher of command "A" appears at the bench of spare in the form of the command of "B", on which is depicted the advertisement of direct rival on the business of the sponsor of command "A". It is understandable that this can cause present scandal. In this connection even it is good that our clubs thus far do not have advertising sponsors, but otherwise who knows, before what problems we would arise.

After returning to the theme of the output of sources of funds let us note that the clubs of nonleading lig, for example, Croatia or Serbia, earn money due to the transfers of their talented football players. However, this method does not thus far find its application in Armenia, since, as we can be convinced, our football players do not thus far use great demand. But can it is shown the low qualification of functionaries and the absence of professional football agents.

It follows that from the the skazanogo only prerequisite for existence of Armenian football club - presence of rich owner- fan. Unfortunately, not many of them (owners) are interested in football, but otherwise in Armenia for the short time interval could occur serious qualitative increase. Thus, determined by stability in the Armenian football can brag only three clubs, sponsors or blagotovoriteli of which each yr predodstalyayut means to command and they do not be going to reject about the expendible part "football club". However, remaining commands, as a rule, exist not long.

Searches for the optimal solution

However, even finansogo the provided for troika of our football did not find the prescription of creation and retention of lucky club. "pyunik", "mika" and "banants" are located in constant searches and frequently accomplish errors. Almost that after each season proikhodit the sharp change of the course of development, that, naturally, it cannot contribute to a stable increase in the command.

Base club

"pyunik" - the leader of Armenian football as, let us say, "Lyon" in France, with one difference alone, that the Yerevan command already conquered its sixth contract champion title, while "lions" thus far still prepare this to make. However, in contrast to "Lyon", in "pyunike" there is no succession. Club thus far was not determined according to what way it will move. Four ago Of "pyunik" it became the first Armenian command, for which it was possible to overcome the first qualification stage the Leagues of Champions. The large contribution in the victory above "tampere" had Argentinean and African legionaries. At that time was disseminated the opinion about the fact that in the European arena it cannot be been competitive without the foreign football players, and in "pyunike" of steel poyavlyatsya arriving for the short time Argentineans. Simultaneously club was occupied by work on the invitation of talented youths from Africa. However, the flight of Bethe and Lomb, and also the revealed defect of heart in Ndumbuka, they forced club to forego the Africans.

At the same time the expediency of the invitation of mountain- bombardiers, to the similarity Of peral'ty, also it began to cause doubt. As a result, "pyunik" sharply replaced its policy, after laying emphasis only on internal cadre resources and to this day it follows this principle. The latter fact does not testify about the stability of club, since only on the motion 2006 occurred the cadre changes both in the management of club and at the trenerskom post, which, as a rule, brings to large shakings in the command. In spite of this, "pyunik" continues to win, in the first place, due to the fact that in the command are assembled if not all strongest and possessing large potential in Armenia players, then majority of them. Today "pyunik" the base club of composite. Not only because neimeyushchaya of its own sport base composite is trained in the field of sportshkoly Of "pyunika", but also because practically all players of command enter into different teams of Armenia. Generally, concept base club was to the characteristically only Soviet Union and he continues to exist in the former Soviet republics, although word itself "composite" speaks, that in its composition must be the representatives of different commands. It is interesting that heading our national command foreign specialists never use term "base club" probably for that reason, that it is not simply familiar with it. I doubt, that To ianu To porterfildu it is possible to explain the phenomenon of "base club" and its need. Is not simply a similar practice accepted by the native land of football. You represent, if year ago Of lemparda and Terri they would make it necessary to pass in "Middlesborough" only for that reason, that the chief trainer of this command Stiv Of maklaren was the assistant to the then chief trainer team England Sven- Goran Erikssona. Armenian prescriptions are unacceptable in England and vice versa. If there even amateurish command is trained in several fields, then a similar luxury can themselves allow the schitannye clubs. It is natural that the players attempt themselves to be trained and to play in those clubs, which provide for this the best conditions.

However, let us return to "pyuniku" and will testify, that after several transitional, but nevertheless of victorious seasons, the club like would find its way of development. "pyunik" lays emphasis exceptionally only on Armenian football players and continues to occupy the leading positions in the internal championship. But here, the decrease was outlined in the European arena in it.

Two years the in a row completed by local personnel command retires from the Leagues of Champions already in the first qualification stage. This management of club will force to return to the practice of the conclusion of short contracts with the legionaries, it will become known for the summer of future year, on the eve of the new yevrokubkovogo season.

Contradictory "Banants"

Through much passed "banants", which continues the search for its own way of development. In the past season Russian teacher Nikolai Kiselev, who invited numerous legionaries, headed command. Selective work continued in the essence in the initial stage of championship, and only in summer the operation code more or less was stabilized. It cannot be said that the Russian specialist Of "banantsa" failed season, however, it is natural that it justified not all expectations. It did not know how to achieve the success in the drawing of the goblet of Armenia, although it was close to the victory above "Pyunikom" in the sum of two encounters. Fell through also the hope Of "banantsa" to leave into the second qualification round of goblet UYEFA. In the reciprocal duel with the Georgian Of "ameri" appeared the weak sides of today's "Banantsa" and of its chief trainer. Command simply could not be reconstructed and during 45 minutes preserve advantage in its field above the rival, who is inferior to it in the class.

After fiasco in the European arena Kiselev remained at his post; however, he continued work, expecting the inevitability of its resignation. The achievement of silver medals did not save Russian trainer, and it was forced to pack trunks. Kiselev already had time to leave Yerevan, and "banants" found the new way of its development. In the command already they appeared according to one African and South American football player.

Not truth whether, that this to a certain degree does remind Of "pyunik" of model 2002-03 yr? But during January to Yerevan will arrive new chief trainer, Czech Jan Poshtulka. Thus, the management of Yerevan club continues to believe that the task of the achievement of gold medals must be entrusted to foreign specialist. However, transfer preferences changed, and "banants" began dynamism on not the known to it before market. It is difficult to foresee at the present moment, what success Czech specialist and novices of club will achieve, but it is obvious that "banants" practically creates new command.

Of having deficiency in the reserve "Mika"

In turn "mika", it would seem, more clearly visualized, due to what command it is possible to interrupt the hegemony Of "pyunika". In recent years the club was supplemented by exceptionally Russian legionaries, trenerskiye concepts were also imported from there. In 2005 command headed Armen Of adamyan, that, takeing into account its prolonged experience in Russia, it was not possible to consider as the disturbance of traditions. It is necessary to note that for this specialist it was possible to create command with its play handwriting, about which testify the victories, gained above "Pyunikom" in the kubkovykh duels, and also daring game with the Swiss "Young Boyzem". For adamyanu into some of degree it was possible to introduce to Armenian reality two Brazilian legionaries, who proved to be in the ashtarakskom club. However, to command for achievement of success it is insufficient some habits alone of trainer. It is necessary to have the long bench of spare. If in the separate undertaken matches "mike" is succeeded in achieve success above "Pyunikom", then in the prolonged tournament these commands are not compared. By their starting composition of ashtaraktsy little they be inferior To "pyuniku", and here the bench of spare in "miki" is considerably shorter. Reason consists in the fact that club from Ashtaraka thus far little attention gives to the youthful and youth commands. Is difficultly to specifically explain how this is caused, but result is obvious: "mika" does not have spare resources.

On the face of the disintegration

If it is possible to discuss the activity of three leading clubs of Armenian football, to search for the justified and doubtful steps in it, to evaluate the results of experiments, then to some of others to commands simply it is not possible to apply any estimated scale. On what criteria it is possible to evaluate "Shiraq's appearances", if command through the essence find on the face of financial crash. In the previous season of gyumriytsy, because of the support of the President of federation, they knew how to preserve their existence. As will be formed "Shiraq's fate" in 2007, no one knows.

Is still memorable the disintegration of demonstrated sufficient- after all the interesting game "Esteglal-Kotayka", and in the following season Armenian football can sustain one additional loss. Sequential loss...

Text: "futbole'shch"
the transfer: Suren MANUKYAN, is special for armfootball.com
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