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Argentina's speed on the player

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Iwill mark how fast they are the argen player's...
from: 1-10 point's
10 point's for player like Ronaldo or Owen.

Pochettino - 6/10
Ayala - 7/10
Samuel - 5/10
Chamot - 5/10
Quiroga - 7/10
Vivas - 7/10

Sorin - 7/10
Placente - 7/10
Simone - 6/10
Almeyda - 7/10
Zanetti - 8/10
husain - 7/10
Veron - 7/10
Gallardo - 7/10
Aimar - 7/10

Ortega -7/10
Kily - 8/10
Batistuta - 7/10
Crespo - 7/10
Caniggia - 10/10
C.lopez - 9/10
Solari - 8/10
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either Crespo should be an 8/10 or Bati should be a 6/10 because Crespo is noticeably faster.
Aimar should be at least an 8/10 if not 9/10 if Saviola was analyzed for speed alone we would have to give him 9/10 or 10/10.
Aimar should definately be second behind Cannigia, then followed by Ayala and Crespo.
one thing Ronaldo 10?, he's more lokely a 3 these days...
And Cloudio Lopez must take 50 not 9 :rolleyes:
I guess such abilitis/skills can be rated only amidst massive speculations:tongue: C Lopez is a definite 10 out of 10. Another suggestion....a scale of 20 would have helped the ratings to be more precise like in the game CM:)
i think you guys/girls have right about the speed. but come on i just said the player is like that. and it's fun to se you guys/girls saying that C.lopez should have 20 dammm..!!;)
you are so funny SZeppelin75 you saying "one thing Ronaldo 10?, he's more lokely a 3 these days"
but i follow a game who is like in real life. the abilitis/skills taken from a game who is done by fifa rules..! and i think this is almost definite and right..!
we all have our apoints about the speed's but sorry that just the right speed's I enterd..!
and believe me SZeppelin75 Ronaldo have always bean a fast player either now he is fast just wait and see in WC-2002..!!;)
C'mon you are taking Ronaldo skills from a video game?, i'm shure fifa had a lot to do with it.

or is the video game from 1997..?
acsuly this game is from 2001..!!!
Well why don't you try to find out the players speed on the 100Metre course.

Owen has 10.89secs
Blanc has 12.20
I have 12.20 (Avg)

Thats a starter :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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