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but i'd like to write somethiing ,i was busy and i watch
the match recorded on saturday and then somethings happened to me

it was really a great match it WAS an exiting GAMe
back heals,throw passes, fast and alot of passes
argentina conteniew her GOOD SHOWS to exitin the world
i'd like to talk about the players
BONANO:as always ..we didn't saw him alot ,maybe we must play without
GK and play someone in forword :) 6

SENSENI :reallly especialy in this match OUR defence didn't APEAR ALOT
sensini was covering right in his ZONE 6

AYALA:as always HE IS THE KING ,he is master of experiance and confedence
maybe he is the most one of defence who WE watch him in the game
every high ball IS TO AYALA ,and he was coverring SAMUEL AND SENSENI(sometimes)
he is great ,they give him 4 in argentina news paper (cuase he made
that slide)in this news paper if u made a FOUL and u didn't got a foul for it
they less from his rating ....thats stubid .
really i think if u make a foul and u didn't got a yellow card OR
didn't got a FOUl something GOOD i conseder it GOOD TEQHNEQE
about ayala SLIDE any one saw the maych know that ayala didn't ment to
hurt the player ,i know it was a harsh takcle BUT.... 7

samuel:we didn't saw him much but he is great ,sometimes AYALA was
covering his zone but he still SAMUEL 6

ZANETTI: one of the best player in argentina ,he show a good DETERMENATION
he was passed playersin easy WAY ,he is the best i hope he will do that
agianst CARLOS 7

SIMEONE: he didn't watch him alot ,he didn't do anything specail 6

VERON:HE WAS MARADONA ON THE PITCH,he was doing everything he was support
the defence more than simeone and he did a lot of MAGIC moves he
was THE BEST along side with ortega 7.5

KILI:he was good but he wasn't KILI i hope we will see the real kili
against brazil ,he was better than his last game
he made alot of SHOOTS and u can say he was GOOD he made some good
moves 6.5

ortega:he was man of the match along side with veron but he was more
effeciant (cuase he was concentrating on making GOALS but veron was busy
in organizing the team) he was everywhere in attack and he was dribling
any player 7.5

CRESPO:he watse incredible chances and great chances he was always taking
the right position he score a great goal 7

lopez:he always runiing ,i like this PLAYER alot he score a buetiful goal
and he was trying to do something always 7

AIMAR:OOOOHHHHHHHHH he must be a starter,in the first seconds he become in
HE drible 3 players in easy way ,he was always dribling in easy was and
taking fouls and the most thing i''d like in him that (he was return to
defence on the ball) he will be GREATTTT 7

SORIN :i like this player VERY MUcH he is from my favorite players
he get in and made with AIMAR a DUE ,he was passing good in the pitch
with his long hair and his short body 6.5

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