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ARGENTINA RULEZ (match report )from me

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it is not that exiting match but the most exiting thing that argentina
was playing on the feild WE realy SHOWED that WE are the best team in
the world ,SKILLS,TEQNEQE,GREAT PLAYERS,we were playing agianst
WEAK COLOMBIA who been considered the third biggest team after ARGENTINA
and BRAZIL, right colombia we r the son of u right HAHAHA
WE R FROM another planet, thats the fact
we playing the game AGAINST thousands of the colombians FANS

okay there was a lot of things in the game ,really we lost alot
of PASSES all the time but we were the dangoures TEAM
,in the first half u can say we controled the match WE scored
UNBELIEVABLE GOAL they put everything in SOCCER in this goal
ortega was making STTREETS in colombians defence andlopez was everywhere
we scored the goal and then colombia scored a goal(for nothing)
and then BATI scored another GREAT GOAL
in the second half the we play more good but always with mistakes
in the medfiled line (colombia were trying for NOTHHING OUR great
defence line was taking all the responsabilities(the defence line
realy play goodin the second half)
then crespo get IN and argentina begins ATTACK REALLY DANGOUROS
until we scored the third goal by a clever pass from zanetti to
the great CRESPO and in the last 4 or 5 minites colombia wasted
2 good chances and were trying to score GOAL BUT ON WHOM!!!!!! US...
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

bonano:we didn't watch him alot he made 2 good saves or maybe 3
but i think he had a little responsibilty for colobia GOAL i will
give him )6)
senseni:he start a bad game but THEN he SHOW what the experiance DO
he was GREAT ,he show a lot of good skills (he driblle ANGEL twice
in fun way) )6.5)

ayala :he is always the man of confedence he didn't made a lot of
TACKLES and we didn't watch him alot but he was there when u need him
ESPECIALY in heading the BALL every HIGH ball he was taking it
OUT of argentina ZONE whatever WHO jumps with him (7)

samuel:he made the WORST first half in his life ,he didn't know to
stop any easy ball (he was confused or tired)but in the second half
he did a great job in the defence good TAKLES (6)

zanetti:he have normal moments and good moments sometiime u think
where is zanetti and another time u said ZANETTI is great
he made a lot of good runs and he was better when he move to the center
after veron get out (6.5)

simeone :he was maybe the bast one in the first half ,he made a good
thing in the medfeild he was the control man to argentina in the
second half he been most of the time invisible (6.5)

veron:he made a lot of wrong passes BUT he always have his style in
playing socccer he have a lot of good touches HE IS VERON (6.5)

kili:as samuel he wasn't in his form AT ALL he did something good
he shoot a good shot in the first half ,in the second half and
esppecially before crespo get in in a minites he shoot a great shoot
colombia GK made superb SAVE and after this shoot KILI return to
him self and he was trying to do anything (5.5)

ortega:he is with his forworrds mates were men of the match
ortega was playing GOOD all the time runs and dribiling and taking
fouls i hope he will still with parma next year (7)

lopez:maybe he is the only one who didn't mistakes he was tryinng to
do anything runs and made spaces to his team mates and he did 2 GREAT
ASSISTS they r the most buetiful assist in the year(7)

BATI :he is man of the match without a doubt,he scores 2 great goals
and a goos chances against colombia and he WAS REALLY SPECIAL
he show that he is not just a striker who scores goals he have
a good skills TOO,and he was also trying SOO hard to get the balls
from the colombians and he was return BACK to defend WELL

crespo:he show that he is A GREAT STRIKER he come in and argentina
ATTACK SO HARDLY,he made alot of good movves (7)

G.lopez:he show that he have a good control on the ball (i like this man)
he played in the right and zanetti get into the center (6.5)

SORIN:it is good that we SAW HIM i like this man when he get in
KILI tturn to the center with zanetti and simeone he didn't
play more than 6-7 minites but i think he get in cuase
he maybe play in the next game agianst ACUADOR cuase kili have
a yellow card (and beilsa want him for BRAZIL)

NOTE:before the game and the last training ,ALMEYDA got a permissoin
to not play cuse one of his rlatives is VERY ILL
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Thankx almeyda, that was a very dramatic report and rating ;)

Mmmm, Veron-Lopez-Crespo sounds like a real force to becken with. Lazio should be happy.

Thanks also for the news about Almeyda. Hope everything is O.K. One day, soon, we will see him again on the field. I can wait.
Nice report!!
i dissagree about the no 3 team in South America!! I think it is Urugay!! And even though Chile is playing ugly at the moment i think that they will knock Colombia out of the way and come 4th in South America!! And then Colombia will be knocked out by the mighty Australians!!!!:):)

I think that by 2002 Australia will be a great team but not as great as Argentina of course!! They have many players doing great in Europe and i think they are also better than Colombia!!

and Veron-Lopez-Crespo smells like another Scudetto and maybe CL...............Parma and Inter will be hard though!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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