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Argentina is #1 in the world

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What do you guys think? I think Argentian is the #1 team today with the current form?
I would like to see Argentina Vs France ( as friendly game ).

They are consistent for the last 6 months and doing well in every game.
- have world top/ serie A top strikers
- best midfield
- better defence.
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Thank you!! :) I honestly do believe that we are currently the best team in the world. Things, look good. I am feeling very confident that we may go all the way in the 2002 WC. I agree Argentina vs France would be a great spectacle :)

Next week we face Brazil, so it will be a very good opportunity to determine exactly where we stand.
czar, brazil come back after defeat. so might be in full strength and better aggressive. that's great to watch that match. i don't know football channel do live telecast. if u know any other sports channel do so, please tell us with time of telecast.
Argentina is for sure the best team in the world now.
Crespo Lopez Batigol in the attack with Veron and others are superb team.
I think they will take World cup 2002.
seen them

I've seen all argentinian qualifiers and they are definitively the most exciting team to watch. And probably the best team in the world at the moment.
i agree,but there are still long way to go.i do hope that one of Italy,Argentine or Portugal will be the world cup champion
Argentina are at the moment one of the best teams in the world but to say that they are THE best would be premature.
They definately have one of the best stike force (Crespo, Lopez and Batigol), i'm not too sure about the midfield and the defence though. I think Italy have the best defence and either Holland or France have the best midlfield.

Anybody know what happened to Brazil?
Malcolm, I agree with you 100%! Nobody can safely say that a differnce has been established among the teams you've mentioned. Ahhh, I think that Argentina and France might, just might be a little bit ahead from the other two.

Brazil is currently struggling as I understand. If we're talking about No 1 in the World RIGHT NOW, Brazil is definitely out of the question.

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Argentinas midfield and attack is the best in the world

Zanetti Simeone Almeyda Lopez
Batistuta Crespo
i hope pielsa will play like that against brazil because i think Gonzalez is injured

remember simeone and veron dominate in juve-lazio game not zidane and davids.simply argentina midfield is the best because lazio midfield is the best
Well, agree Argentina is one of the best. And serie A is preparing argentinians to take the next World cup(like it prepared France for previous one and Euro :)). I really hope that Italy-Argentina will be the final game for the title. But whoever posted that lineup, please find some space for Fernando Redondo!!!!
Redondo doesn't play because he doesn't want to.

As for teh midfield it is the best midfield in the world.

its the defence that lets them down.

Here is the team that Argentina should play in W.C. 2002


Simeone as libero
Ayala and Samuel as defenders.

Zanetti Veron Gallardo in a defencive role KilyGonzales and Aimar.

Batigol Crespo Lopez and Saviola should be the players to chose from in attack.

Argentina are indeed living off of Serie A.

the only players who probably wouldn't play in Serie A by 2002 is Simeone who by then might have hgone back to South America. gallardo will definately be playing in Serie A by then as will Saviola and Aimar.

ARGENTINA IS THE BEST right now...................France is close butArgentina is more complete.
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Pochetinno Ayala Samuel

Zanetti Kily

Ortega Veron

Batistuta Lopez

The Subs are:

I think this will be the best formation for ARG....
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I didnt put it like that???????????!?!?!?!?!

BEILSA will not change his PLAN no WAY!!!!!!!
and somtimes 3-4-3
I also think that Argentina is in the top 5 of the world right now. With them are France, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal. But what I want to know is something about Totta, the player from River Plate. Is he from Argentina? Isn´t he the River captain? What about him in the national team if he is from ARG? Is he good enough to play in Europe? What is his position in defense? Thanks for your answers
Argentina has indeed a fantastic team with fabulous players!
But i don't believe they are the best team in the world...
the best team of the world is the one who just won the Euro and the World Cup: FRANCE!

I mean i love the Argies, they have a great style but they don't have a team as complete and don't have the depth that France have.

Argentina's defence is indeed their Achille ankle with Ayala
(who is not even a starter in Milan)...

I really like Argie's midfield:Zanetti, Veron, Ortega, Riquelme, Aimar, Simeone, Gallardo, Kily, Almeyda and the GOD SuperNando (REDONDO!)I mean its a crime not to select that man!How fu.c.ked up can Passarella be for not selecting him for WC 98 because of his long hairs?????????Is he still being denied a spot on the team???
Watch out for another phenomenon called Steban Cambiasso...

And as far the offence goes, Bati is Bati, the best forward of the world since Van Basten...Lopez and Crespo are also super forwards.

Indeed i too would love to see Argentina play France in a friendly...or even better in the World Cup final in 2002...


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Sorry bro. the final will be Italy Argentina after Italy kick France's @RSE in the Semis and Argentina roast Brazil in there Semi.
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