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Argentina, in the last 10 years, exported players for the incredible amount of A$ 700.743.000.

The destinations were:
Spain 25%
Mexico 15%
Italy 12,5%
France 7,5%
Chile 7%
Colombia 6%
Germany 5%
Russia 5%
England 4%
Others 13%

The team that sold the most is River, with A$200.500.000, followed by Boca with $153.670.000.
Third comes Velez with $46.150.000.

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Loco said:
That question should be directed at Boca. All that money from transfers + sponsorship + ticket sales + socios + merchendise, etc, and yet they're still broke and on top of it all can't afford to sign a decent striker.

Boca's front office goes thru money like toilet paper.
ARe you nuts???

Boca's economy is fine. In fact, Macri was against Tevez transfer because Boca didnt need the money. The only reason they sold him, was b/c of the huge amount of money offered.
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