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there is the rating of argentenians players in seria a this week

VERON 7(in italian-soccer)7.5 (in lagazzeta) it is reaaly good one
he is best players in the week in all seria a(not just argentenian players)
it is good to say veron get back his orginal form

senseni 6.5 he is always good with lazio

ortega 6.5 he was great with parma he is unbeleivable

CRESPO 6.5 he is our top scorer in seria a he will be the new bati

chamot 6 he was the best among his team defence as always
thank god ayala did not play keep up the good work jose :)
i think guly will get his possition back after sergenhio show
what bad he is

zanetti 6.5 ohhhh ohhh he was great in the derby match and some critics
called him the man of the match (i like this man)i hope SORIN will play
along him in inter after georgatos wana leave

bati 5.5 whatever he do he is the best :)

balbo 7 hey hey thats the real balbo i'm glad to see balbo back to his form

notes:markic play with bari in 74 min this is the first time he play after
his return from international duty i'm glad to see markic back (the new almeyda)
maybbe in 2 years i will change my neck name to markic+parma (it sounds cool),hahaha
:) :)
ayala wasn't on the pitch and on the bench also i don;t know why


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really i don't know
but he looks like this
i know he is a GREAT PLAYER

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