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Okay, so we won by a clear majority of goals. I'm certainly pleased about the result, but we were not consistent in our performance level against a vastly inferior team. The passing was imprecise for the most part.

Glad, that Crespo scored right at the end. Argentina should have done better and finished off a few more goal scoring opportunities.

I thought that Almeyda, should have started instead of Simeone. Simeone won his 90th cap for Argentina tonight.

I think we'll improve our level of play against Bolivia our next opponent in June.

Any thoughts?

Can anybody write a detail match report on this match in this forum??
I cannot watch the match because Hong Kong does not have the brocasting right to show the match on TV.
According to the news, Did Sensini and Samuel play very bad? I think Pochettino is good enough to be the RB starter.
I am a die hard fan of Argentina, so if there are any fan keeping records of the match, can you kind enough to mail those records to me? I can send you cheques for the mailing fee and video casettes.

The BEST youth midfielders in the world!

Cheeky goal by Crespo, but had numerous other chances, we know Batigol would have scored. Crespo will for another while stand only in the shadow of Batigol, overall quite a good performance by him though.

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this is a report of a venezuelen person who went to the game....he is an inter milan fan, so you should expect praise for zanetti :)

Well I can personally swear to Zennetti's good form...SINCE I SAW HIM PLAY LIVE WITH
It was a bitter/sweet game for me because:
a) hey, I got to see players of the calibre of Zenetti, Veron (unbelivable performence, it was
absolutly outstanding), Ayala, Crespo (scored the goal of the night), Piojo Lopez, Simeone,
Ortega (he was amazing too), Kily Gonzales (in my opinion he stayed in Valencia, mentaly),
b) but I also saw my country go down in flames and outclassed by an obviously bigger and
better oponent
The result was 0 - 4
1st goal (7')
Ayala (header from a corner), Veron with the assist
2nd goal (24')
Ortega (genius header after a defender interrupted the pass), Veron with his second assist
3rd goal (76')
Ortega (easy slide definition after a text-book inside the area croos), Crespo penetrated
through the defence and passed it to get his assist
4th goal (81')
Crespo (gets the long ball, swifts through the first defender, faces the goal keeper, dances
around him like a sweet tango, and kicks it to the far post past the second defender)
But don let the score fool ya, Venezuela many chances and did out run the defence, steal balls in the middle, and the defenders controled Crespo through most of the game, and Piojo
was no where to be seen and interrupted a lot of crosses.
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