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Arena being interviewed on ESPN radio

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11 am Wednesday:

Arena being interviewed by Tony Kornheiser right now on ESPN radio...
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Its over... 15 minutes or so, talked about roster, food and hotel and environment in Korea, other teams in group, expectations for results.... Kornheiser was respectful and interested, finished with something like "I know I tease about soccer, but I've been to WC games and they are tremendous..."
Nice to see ESPN taking interest & I thought it was pretty "neat" to have Arena's announcement made on ESPN too.

Maybe if they put some more support behind the sport they paid for the rights for we'd see more people in the stands.
Kornheiser is a funny, respectable man in the sports circle. It will be a great asset to U.S. soccer if we get him to be on our side.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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