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Are we stronger than last season?

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Last week I heard Ancelotti said we are less stronger than last year because we have changed a lot.
But I don't think so:
At least we have a world-class attacking couple---Claudio+Crespo.

In the mildfield we already have Nedved and Veron,tow great playmakers.And I think there are two hot prospects for the future. Baronio will replace Almayda.Last season he played very well in Reggina. Stankovic can keep the balance between defense and offense with his great run.

We also have a great defense.Peruzzi+Nesta like our Chinese

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Indeed, we are stronger now`
The problem is we have too many new players, let's count: Peruzzi, Colonesse, Pesaresi, Baronio, Lopez, Crespo. and we'll be without Almeyda and Conceicao.
Well i can say that 4 of our new players will be in the first eleven (Peruzzi, Baronio, Lopez and Crespo), but I'm pretty sure that Eriksson will handle this problem, they just need times to play together, then we'll have a great squad..

The other reason is Lazio have too many argentinians (It doesn't mean that I don't like Argentinian players, I like them though) but when they have to play for their national team, then we will have a problem.
Since we've got too many good player :) ,i can say that there's no problem for Lazio when all Argentinian players are away.

Great, and I'm looking forward to seeing Lazio play again :)
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