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We are much stronger then last season !!!!

I have no doubt in my mind that the changes that where made in Lazio where for the good of the team.

We have many new players but the style of play will be only be changed for the better.

Changes: The defence will stay lower then before, I don´t think that Pancaro and ***** will travel as high as they are used to. This because our attack is 150% stronger with Crespo and Lopez. Last season our midfield had all the pressure on to score, this season they can trust the attack much more.

Almeyda out <------ Simeone -------> In, if you saw the Argentine - Ecuador game then you saw how well Simeone took care of the sweeper role <--- very good defensiv and he has also said that he want´s to change his game to become a defending midfielder ( very nice header in that game ).

Conceciao is the only player I will miss but he was never a central part of our game - I really like him and he´s a great dribbler and one of the best crossers in Serie A ( I´m sure he´s top 3 in that dept ). I don´t think there will be a great difference between Conceciao and say Zenden or Nedved ( if he´ll move over to the right ).

Baronio is a superb backup and he´ll only be an asset on midfield, Baronio will be used as a defensiv playmaker and I will enjoy our 4 - 5 - 1 with Lopez - Veron - Baronio - Simeone - Nedved.

If Ancelotti should talk about changes in a team then he should adress Parma and Roma both of which have new playmakers, new attackers, new midfielders new new new. Parma will struggle most if we consider new players a reason to struggle.

Lopez - Crespo - Veron - Simeone - Sensini all played in the Argentina - Ecuador game so I´m sure that they all know each other really well !!!

Thanks for sharing my views.
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