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I don't want to sound pesimistic, but I think Ancelloti has a point there.
You see, I can't say that Lazio isn't stronger than last year, because, hell, just look at the probable line up the squad will have this very next season. Peruzzi, Nesta, Nedved, Zenden, Veron, Crespo, Lopez (among others). Those names say it all:D.
But on the other hand, Lazio also has a lot of players coming in and going out of the team. Now tell me if that doesn't have any itsy bitsy effect to the team's solidity.
One of the main reasons why Lazio won the championship last season was because the team was very solid. They had been through a lot for the last couple of years. That ought to mean something, and it made some kind of a special bond to them. That special bond helped them get through rough times and brought them the championship title.

Now, many players has left the team:(, and many players has come to replace them. I don't think the old and new players would grow solid in an instant, and that could be a problem. I know that the new players are professionals (definitely!), but those kind of "bonding" things are hard to achieve, even to professionals (just look what happened to Inter!)

I'm just afraid that the new squad wouldn't have the same spirit again (please God, don't let that happen!)
I think now it's all up to Eriksson. He has to have what it takes to overcome the situation (and I believe that he can handle it, he's a damn good coach for God's sake!).

Well... I'm just trying to see the whole change from different point of view. For whatever's gonna happen to Lazio, I'm still gonna support the team.
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