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RC already confirmed that he will leave Fio, and as usual,many teams already made offers for the portugese mid, so how likely are we to sign this guy? does anyone know?

I know Lippi said he'd sign young italians but well, we know he changed his mind along the way.

As if there are possiblities or any info about Rui and Inter, please reply (doesn't have to be info, could be you opinion):)

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Rui Costa is the man...i think he played extremely well in the England-Portugal game...Figo also played well...in my opinion, Seedorf is not on that level yet...it's like Zidane, Rui Costa, Veron, Rivaldo .....are all in class a... Seedorf, Totti.....all in class b.....

but if i have to choose one player who i wanna be on our team....then i would choose FIGO....no doubt...pls don't let lazio to get him...actually i wonder why lazio want him????? they already have conceicao and stankovic...both of them are great...and if they sign figo, which i don't want to happen, then that would make it 3 players playing in the same position....

back to your question, i like rui costa a lot...but i don't think we gonna sign him...coz we already have seedorf and pirlo....btw, did anyone see how bad seedorf play in the game?

Yeah..I saw how seedorf played that game...but I also know that when Seedorf plays without Davids he´s much better...but when he plays with Davids, it´s like he feels like he´s number two...do you get it?
I have a big respect for Seedorf...and I know that he´s class A!
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