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Are we all waiting for something that won't happen?

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With all the transfer talk, and Milan not being part of it, are we all expecting that Silvio will do something?

I'm hoping, that's for sure.

I don't think anybody really feels we can do much next season with the current squad. Maybe we can earn a CL spot at best, but I think we have bigger ambitions that that.

The other clubs are strengthening their squads, while we're sitting back and watching it happen, and getting intimated I might add. I sure feel intimated when I look at Lazio's line up for next season. Juve hasn't made many changes, but if we couldn't finish ahead of them last season, we won't next season without any improvements.

I remember Galliani promising a star(even though I think we need more than one). There's still a lot of time before the season starts, BUT OH MY GOD!! LET'S BUY SOMEBODY!!
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You all know me, Jan labelled me the cheerleader b/c I'm always so enthusiastic about AC Milan, the players, etc. Well, right now I am struggling to maintain anything like an optimistic attitude, b/c like you IVO, I see what the other teams are doing to strengthen their squads for next season. We were promised by a very unhappy Galliani back in March (I think) that changes would be made b/c the squad has problems. That tune has changed. Suddenly we're being told our squad is as good or better than the rest of them. Folks, this is the same squad that struggled to hold onto a 3rd place finish...and the same squad so very many of YOU spent a season criticizing. Are you going to be happy with the same players out there amking the same mistakes all over again??

We're told they don't want to disrupt the team spirit of the squad, or some such nonsense. I wonder where this is coming from, b/c I watched about half of Milan's games and it was very hard to see any team spirit. And I know all of you...you all hold VERY high expectations for our team--win scudetto, win Coppa Italia, and most importantly win the CL title...or at the very least get into the finals since the are being held at San Siro. Well, what have we signed so far? Yet another keeper, plus we have one who suddenly popped in from Serie B, a midfielder from Monza, and X number of players back on loan that I am willing to bet go out on loan again soon. The other teams must be laughing their *sses off at our so-called transfer policy. :(

Are we expecting Silvio to do something? You better beleive it!! The question tho is...WILL HE?? Did anyone else see the What The Papers Say section of the official site yesterday??? If I happened to bookmark it I'll see if I can copy it here, but anyway, Galliani made another brilliant statement that just covers all the bases. It was somethign along the lines of we'll either sign an earth-shattering player, OR one of the top 5 players in the world, OR...we sign no one. Should we all sit here and hope they're working on something so top secret that even the papers haven't gotten wind of even the slightest rumor? Or should we do what I'm doing and prepare for nothing to happen? We've lost out on way too many players that we've been...ahem!...closely tied to: Rui Costa, Farinos, Gerard, Figo, Riquilme (I do not expect to see him), Aimar, Saviola...and what is the cause? Do these players hear of our policy and decide elsewhere looks better than Milan ever could??

On the other hand...I'm also prepared to be terribly underwhelmed by our supposed big purchase. My God...Nakata or Beckham...

Well, that's my take...what's yours?
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come on, stay optimistic. it is hard for me to be not optimistic cause I were so pessimistic about 1999 season and, thx god, milan proved me wrong, and I liked it to be soooooooo wrong.
Beckham is a great player, I guess he would play in every team of the world.
and is quite usual that a club like Milan is linked to every player on the world who shows a little bit talent, so u cannot want Milan to buy all of them.
I must confess that our transfer season is not very good yet, but if we really get "a big guy", well, this could change a lot.
I don't expect Milan to buy a lot of players, I don't even want them to, I just want at least two players.

The way it sits right now, our defence is weak. Maldini can't do it alone, Billy(who apparently is playing another season, despite rumours of his retirement), he's just not as good as he was. We don't have a steady 3rd defender and our depth in defence is a big fat 0.

The midfield is not good enough to compete with Juve or Lazio or Inter, even Parma.

The forward line consists only of Sheva. Bierhoff if he stays won't do much. Mari still is unproven, it's not easy to play in this league. WE don't have depth up there either.

Just look at Juve's and Lazio's bench, and compare it to ours. It's a joke.

We're all waiting on Galliani to do something, I'm just afraid that the longer he waits, the available players will be taken, and we'll be left with a very small pool of possible players.
Be concervative//I would have to agree with debs on this even though I have not kept up with the deals MILAN has been making but we refer to LAZIO going crazy in the market.
They are adding strength but at the same time their entire squad seems to be changing:: that is going to hurt them.

Lazio's chemistry will be dissrupted/
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