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Are they trying as hard before the W.C.

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Are they trying as hard before the W.C.?

The return of Figo got me wondering.

Do you think players with hopes and plans to be playing in the W.C. take it a bit easier right now to avoid chance of injury? It is hard to tell watching a televised game, but it would be understandable since even a semi-serious injury from this point on could take them out of the W.C.
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I know where your coming from Tinto !!

Deep Down I have a sneaking suspicion some players may be " putting On " Injuries just so they can rest before the real WC action starts!! I'd say the freshest team who peaks just as the knock out phase starts could well go along way !!
For the certs like Rui or Figo it would be understaderble but verge players will be playing their hearts out in order to win their place.
Under normal circumstances I feel a player like Rui would play despite injury but given the upcoming WC-he's taking no chances.
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