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Adriano to Parma
Baiocco to Juventus
Beneforti to Udinese
Bjelanovic to Como
Bombardini to Roma
Brighi to Juventus
Chimenti to Juventus
Coco to Inter
Seedorf to Milan
Corradi to Inter
D Zenoni to Milan
Dellas to Roma
Fresi to Juventus
Gamarra to Inter
Guardiola to Roma
Kalac to Como
Lazetic to Como
Pacheco to Inter
Paramatti to Atalanta
Sorin to Lazio
Tomasson to Milan
Eriberto to Lazio
C Zenoni to Milan

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More or less.

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I think Oddo to Lazio is confirmed, and Manfredini is signed, but personal terms are not done yet.

And Coco - Seedorf swap seems to be confirmed too.

Sorin To Lazio is confirmed too.
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