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You're right, that was a harsh tackle, but we could have shut them out for days with only 10 men. Once we went to 9 men, they scored 5 minutes later, as our attacking midfielder was left defending in the area.

The 2nd sending off was the key. Don't fall into their trap by focusing on the easy target.
It's a sleight of hand just like a magician uses. You stare at the hand he's waving around while the trickery is going on in the other hand.

That Scotland must have been a one-off in a friendly against a Scottish B squad. Against the US and Portugal, Korea couldn't score worth a damn.

I'm not impressed with Korea. They run around as if high, as they usually do. The only difference is that at this WC, they are at home and have the support of FIFA behind them.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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