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O.k on eurosport they are doing this gillete dream team where players are candidated for a position and then people phone in to vote for someone.
O.k to my point they were doing attcking midfielder the last couple of days with figo, beckham, giggs, de boer and someone else I cant remember but anyway the results
1: Beckham 50 something %
2: Figo 17 %
I mean how can people say this beckham has two qualities crossing and free kicks and he also has a good pass but figo has a better pass better technique more skill can score more goals and is an all round better player and how the hell beckham can win by over 30 % is totally beyond me!!!!

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Because Beckahm is an English pretty boy who plays for a very famous team. Even Americans know Man U and Beckham. That poll probably has little to do with football. Was it a fan poll? If so, that should answer your question right there.

Of course, these telephone polls are ridiculous. Here there was a poll saying how far people thought England would go in Euro 2000.

Results were roughly:
Winners: 70%
Semis: 15%
Quarters: 10%
Group Stage:5%

Comical or what

I think the same the poll in Scotland would be just a bit different :)

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