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Archie Gemmill (vs Holland) is in the short list for greatest World Cup goal of all time.

Some of the others in contention are:

1- Carlos Alberto vs Italy in 1970
2- Eusebio vs Brazil in 1966
3- Cubuillis vs Scotland in 1978 4- Maradona vs England in 1986 (not the hand of god one!)
5- Saeed Owairan vs Belgium in 1994
6- Bergkamp vs Argentina in 1998

For me Diego Armando Maradonas wonder goal vs England in 1986, was simply amazing. They are all special though, Carlos Albertos was great for all the team build up but not as great individually as Maradonas, and Owairans goal was good but not in the same high pressure situation nor was Belgiums defence as good a defence / goalie as Engurlunds. Actually did Maradona not score another cracker in '86 against Belgium? I was only a wee kid back then so cant remember that well :D
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