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Appauling violence, appauling police

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O.k Ive just watched a BBC undercover documenary on the violence over the last wekk in Euro 2000 by the English called England’s shame. Since watching this I have changed my mind on the violence. I do by no means condone violence but if needed and only if needed I would use self defence.
For starters Im no admirer of England, and used to think that the violence was always the English’s fault, but Im starting to see I was wrong and I think the world’s media are being misguided on the violence. I mean have you ever realised that it’s always the same footage being shown, dont they have any other footage to show?
Another thing how the hell can the mayor of Brussels claim that the rioting of the turks after the win over Belgium is the English’s fault because they cause a chain reaction. What a load of bollocks, I mean their adults they know the difference between rioting and not rioting, stabing and not stabing.
Another thing one of Englands songs “ Id rather be a Paki than a Turk”. This song was apparently considered terribly racist and wrong. I mean if I said “I’d rather be French than Spanish, would I be being racist, no I don’t think so!
Now to the matter of the violence, I do agree that the behaviour of the minority of the English fans was disgusting but only the minority, 99.9 % of fans are there to enjoy a game of football and enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Some of the English insulting and assulting the French and those of African origin was totally out of order, and these are the hooligans but is only a minor minority. Also can’t this minority get along with other supporters, I mean it is only 3 weeks or a week and a half in England’s case. The dutch, in my opinion the best supporters of the tournament so far were insulted by the minority of English fans by singing that if it wasn’t for england they’d all be crouts (germans), surely the war should be forgotten when it comes to football and surely the dutch dont diserve such insults. Another song “No surrender to the IRA”. Im sure that the majority of these hooligans don’t know what the IRA is and even if they do what the **** has it got to do with England.
O.k now to my opinion the worst cause of the violence in Chaleroi, the belgian police. What an absolute ****ing disgrce. One scene that really got to me was 200 inocent English fans drinking in a bar and just because they were English the Belgian police threw tear gas in the bar and arrested 200 or so inocent fans. The only crime they had seemed to have comitted according to the Belgian seemed to be that they were English. The Belgian police seemed to be one of the main instigators of the violence and not the English. Only 5 arrests resulted from the laid back approach in Eindhoven and violence was minimal, but as soon as the police start waving their battons for the slightest reason as shown in Chaleroi, violence will erupt.
O.k so the English are by no means saints, but it is only a small and only a very small minority that go for violence and surely the police cant go kicking the **** out of evryone and anyone that is English.
Oh and what are Uefa threatining to do about this, well throw out the English, well what is this going to achieve. Absolutely nothing because most of the hooligans dont give a **** about the football and only go for the violence and to create havoc. So whether they banned the English or not the probabilty is that the hooliganism would continue. But if UEFA are going to ban England surely they have to ban Trkey as well, I mean Galatasary fans did kill 2 Leeds fans and escaped with no punishment, Galatasary went on the rampage causing havoc just like the Englis. Double standards yes without a doubt.
So for a cure of this minroity of fans, well unfortuanetly, you can stop as many suspected hooligans you want with passports, but the fact is that some of them will filter through, also a new crop of unsuspected hooligans will always be emerging, until tougher sentences are handed out.
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hey SLB i got an idea since you and these English guy's don't seem to think singing "I'd rather be a paki then a Turk" is racist why don't you come here to Canada, say Toronto for ex. and sing this song or for that matter some other country with a sig. East Indian population. I give it about 5-10min before you would get your ass kicked and it wouldn't be by the Turks (well not at first i'm sure). Ofcourse i'm not condoning violence just stating what would happen that's all :)
Bulletproof, I deleted your post, as you were condoning violence, and I feel that is not in the best interests of the board or Football in general.

No Problemo, Razor! You do what ya gotta do! Sorry about that! Regardless it ain't cool to brawl especially when your there to watch a match unless you really have to! I was just joking around! My bad! My apologizes to the board!
Cheers Bulletproof,

I just wanted to let you know why I'd deleted it! :)

Nice to see you don't condone it anyway!:)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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