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anybody here at all!!!!!!!!!

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hallo colombian football fans!!!!!!!
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Whats your favourite club in Colombia?

Futbol de America Latina:
Hello Viola and Nasty, I'm the moderator of Colombian forum, my favourite club is Millonarios and our national team is preparing to face Venezuela the next 4th of June.

Have any toughts?

Aqui se escribe en español tambien

The most polemic man in Xtratime
megapolemico......wow was he a colombian hard hat....dissapeared ....then reincarnated as ilovecolombia .. banned and barred from these boards......He (they ? ) got lost for good..

Some times they're missed..At least they stirred the crap out of everyone and made everyone post !!!!

I don't think megapolemico was ilovecolombia. The latter one was a flat out idiot while 'mego' was just a pain in the neck. Polemico even had the elders of this site give him a Colombian Futbol forum back in the day! :eek: .... it FLOPPED!
Bahawah !!!!!!!!! Love your new avatar !!!!:dielaugh:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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