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Saw an article about this on dynamomania.

For those that dont know, Derepa is probably THE worst commentator in sports history. The guy has been around since probably the 90s. Letting a random person off the street do the analysis would produce a better result.

He is the most unintelligent, uninformed football fan. often confusing players on the field, confusing teams and mispronouncing names. Not just this, he is also badly in need of a public speaking class. I seriously dont know how they let people like him talk on tv. and its not like ukraine is known for their great commentators, but he is the worst of the worst.

anyway, i have always hated the guy so its not surprising that alot of ukrainian soccer fans feel the same. i'm suprised to hear that he still has a job to this day.

all this came about when people saw his name listed for a few games for the upcoming Euro08. So rather then watch the games on mute, the fans started an anti-derepa movement.

if you know who he is and you feel like i feel, send emails to [email protected] and check out dynamomania for the article.
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